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  1. Hello, Thanks for your advice folks - very useful indeed. It looks llike I'm going to have to spend lots more to get any real / noticeable benefit, so I'm grateful for the advice you have given - which has saved me wasting cash on something that's not going to do what I expect. I have been looking at some of the packages on the DJkit.com website, in the 1200 watts + section. Not cheap, but then - as with all things in life - you get what you pay for. Right - off to speak nicely to the Wife (bank manager!). Thanks again. John P.
  2. Hello everyone, I have Audio Intimidation AKA-1 12 Mk2 speakers - the speaker cabinet indicates a "MAX POWER = 400w" and Impedance at 8 ohms. This information is also listed on the GetInTheMix website, although the WhyBuyNew website indicates "Power Max 250w". I am currently using a QTX Sound pro 600 Amp, which is rated at "Power Max = 300w per channel at 4 ohms". As my speakers (above) are rated at 8 ohms my understanding is that this will reduce Amp power to 150w per channel Max - and about 100w per channel RMS (67% of Max). I have been looking at another Amplifier for somet
  3. Sorry - please delete the above post - clicked the wrong button! Doh. Hi McCardle, Thanks for the reply -I guess I was thinking about the draw backs the same as you - by using a preplanned list it takes away the flexibility - and involvement - and that's not what I'm looking to achieve - this has to be interactive work and can really only be succesful in that way. You are quite right about the management of MP3 files. It would be a night mare trying to find a particular track on a disc which has 100s of tracks on and this is my problem. A cheap laptop may well be the answer h
  4. Hi everyone, Not sure if this is in the right section or not - only my second post! (Mods please move if required) My query is this. I am returning to DJing, not having done a show for about 20 odd years. Anyway, things have moved on and I have a lot of my music collection on my home PC. I'm wondering if it would be feasible to generate / load an MP3 playlist onto a CD and use this, instead of trying to thumb through MP3 files on disc at the venue on the night (burn 2 discs the same and mix from track to track). I know that you might think it would limit my ability to vary from t
  5. Hello everyone, Just a quick introduction from me. I am a "returning DJ", having DJ'd through my teens and into my early 20s, then getting a career in another field, Mrs and kids later and I still love music, especially some of the dance stuff out nowadays. Anyway, my son belongs to a local sports club who have a nice venue and a few slots available for a DJ - one friday evening (after a few pints of Thorntons Gold) chatting with the clubs chairmans wife, she pipes up and says we're thinking about an 80's night to raise funds for the club, my Mrs looks up and says "you could do that".
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