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  1. Thanks for the reply, The mixtrack has phono outputs (unbalanced I understand) but on the mixer where i normally plug it in to (left&right jack) says it takes balanced or unbalanced. The hd400 says it converts to balanced so I was thinking of going from phono out on the mixtrack into twin mono on the hd400 then supposedly after getting rid of the buzzing it makes a balanced output Then its just the leads from hd400 output(2 jack) into mixer(normally use 2 mono jack) and outputs on mixer to amp(again normally use 2 mono jack) Should I just use the normal twin mono jack cables?
  2. Hi there, I was using a cheap ground loop isolator between mixtrack pro and my mixer l&r inputs but it reduced sound quality so I have just bought a behringer hd400 its a ground loop isolator but also converts signal to balanced so I'm thinking of upgrading to balanced cables & am a little unsure. . . The bits I need to connect are: Mixtrack pro controller - behringer hd400 - behringer 802 mixer - w audio da1000 amp The behringer hd400 thing outputs a balanced signal so what leads from that into the mixer & what leads from mixer to amp? I normally use l&r mono jacks
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