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  1. Interesting concept this insulting clients business haha different approach anyway!! I dont use the mic anywhere near as much as I used to times have changed I think and I now ask the clients how much chat and interaction they want from me.
  2. Do you mean the former Richard? Ive always found that to be the case.
  3. Got asked for this on Sat and yup it was by a teenage girlie I couldnt have played it anyways as it was 80s night lol
  4. CD's and laptop for me might invest in a hd-2500 though not sure yet.
  5. Most of the time people offer a few drinks and food but I always grab some butties and a couple of big bottles of water, staying hydrated is very important I didnt realise and used to get really knackered about midnight now I always take on water and feel like I could go all night
  6. Im covered with direct line for business use and they know what I do ! ive got a volvo v40 estate thats more like a van !
  7. I do ! I think it prompts them to just sign and return quicker, I would rather have the deposit in my bank tongue out icon
  8. Soughton Hall - one of my regular haunts that ! the room is bloody tiny and is sloped ive fallen on my ar$e whilst dancing a few times. I must get a vid camera I enjoyed watching that and have been inspired to do some of my own well done you !
  9. Jeff I use F15's and they are the dogs they will **** all over the Mackies if you wanna come and listen let me know.
  10. scotty

    Girls Aloud

    Its crap because that is my personal opinion of it dont get me wrong though I wouldnt kick any of them out of bed except the ginger one maybe...
  11. If you want to work at clubs like BCM then you need to get an agent some experience of large venues and make some contacts and send out a lot of demo tapes. These big clubs wont just take bedroom dj's or even mobile dj's who can mix you need to have a proven track record of djing in these kinds of venues and references. Good Luck !
  12. I dont play it because of the Liverpool - Everton thing and I have seen too many fights and kick offs when its played. Dont play glitter, or king, r kelly is crap anyway so dont play that dont seen any reason not to play jackson he was found not guilty. Besides which if we start goin down the route of not playing artists for crimes they have commited then I would be missing a lot of people off my playlists and this thread isnt about that. As Andy has said you just need to use your judgement.
  13. Not in this part of the world ! Its all about the football here, oh and its not just a 'Liverpool' anthem Celtic use it as well... smile icon
  14. Never heard of it :dan+ju: Some bloke asked me for it last night, told him I dont play footie songs as ive had to many bad experiences in the past with kick offs.
  15. scotty

    Girls Aloud

    I would be more inclined to say that it shows the current state of the crap being produced over the past few years.
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