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  1. Ok great, thanks for the advice. I've been looking into getting a couple of powered speakers to replace my 12's - to use for smaller gigs so I don't need to take an Amp. With this in mind could I use the Amp I've got to power my Peavey 15's and also connect a pair of powered 12's at the same time for bigger gigs? My Mackie mixer has the XLR outputs on the back and also has Main 1/4 Outputs. Is there a better way round of connecting these if the above scenario is ok to do? (ie. which output to use for the powered speakers and which to use for the Amp) Thanks again for the he
  2. That's great, thanks for the tip. Can you tell me what's the best way of connecting the controller to the mixer... Is it from the RCA output and then just select a channel on the mixer to plug in to? Thanks again!
  3. I've been doing some wedding disco's for friends and family but would one day like to try and branch out to clubs etc. Currently just using Virtual DJ to mix my tracks but want to add a controller, so I'm after some advice on set up. Where does a controller fit in to my set up and can anyone advise on the cables I would need? I'm looking at the Gemini Firstmix Pro as this seems to have good reviews ( for what I can afford to spend). This is my current set up. Laptop > headphone out > Mackie ProFX8 mixing desk > XLR > Amp 1/4" jack line in > Speakon to speakers e
  4. I've been doing wedding disco's for friends/family for a year or so and I'm using a combination of some second hand equipment from a mate, and a few bits I've bought on their advice. From reading a few discussions online I'm now a bit concerned that my speakers and amp may not be the correct match for impedence and/or watts. I've had a few occasions now where the sound has suddenly cut out. So I turn everything off, wait for about a minute, turn it all back on and the sound comes back. I thought it was because the Amp was up too high so I've since been trying to limit to just turning it u
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