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  1. Thanks guys. In the end I bought a chord mini fx very good sound quality for the small 50 quid price tag ;)
  2. hi folks i'm running a berhinger vmx1000 which has no echo effect, a crown xls402 power amp and wharfedale evpx15 loaded with jbl drivers an xovers the sound is good loud and clear with a deep rich bass the problem is I do karaoke and need an echo to make the singers sound a little better can anyone recommend an echo effect I could add into one of the mic channels on the mixer thanks Nick
  3. hi folks I am using an stk pro mixer amp at the moment and using virtual dj pro 7 through my laptop and external sound card and it sounds fantastic,so clear and shed loads of clear deep bass through my wharfedale evpx15's retro fitted with 250w jbl 15" cones, I also run a pair of stageline 200w 12" too for bigger venues. BUT and the big BUT is one day it will fail and I need to have a good backup in place so I have brought a behringer vmx1000 usb, and like a muppet thought an echo 1500 amp would be ok but for one the amp blew within 5mins the replacement did the same but blew when I
  4. hi folks I've been djing at parties for years and finally took the plunge and set up my own mobile disco in January this year the bookings are coming in quiet well and I still love to entertain the crowd of whatever party it is i'm playing ok i'm only a laptop dj with cd back up just in case ;) I find the laptop is great for doing karaoke which everyone was asking me for i'm still struggling to understand the pa speaker amp and mixer setup though so thought i'd call in you you folks to help me understand a little more. i'm using a stk pro powered mixer at the moment and wanted a bac
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