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  1. Hi all I am looking for one of the portable DJ stands/booths. I don't get paid until 15th March and can't afford it until then. There are a few on e-bay for just over £100. Idealy I would like the one with the cross section above it for the lights and would like it 2 tier. I live in Wakefield so if anyone does have one for sale it would most likely require posting. You can contact me by e-mailing kazclarkson@yahoo.co.uk Thanks in advance
  2. OK I agree I need public liability insurance but might just wait until I start getting gigs, the first proper gig I get I will look at getting that ready. In the mean time, I have some sounlab powered/active speakers and an Alesis MultimixFX mixer in my posession to try out. My question is how the heck do I connect the above mentioned and my laptop together? As for Maplins I am starting to agree, their disco lights are OK though and they do mist machines quite cheaply that I might look into picking up at some point.
  3. Um Ok so I'm not very technically minded I'm afraid. How do I connect powered/active speakers to a mic mixer and my laptop? If anyone has a wiring diagram I woud be greatful.
  4. Hi All I am 37 and only just setting up as a mobile DJ doing disco and karaoke covering West Yorkshire. My current equipment is.... 1x Mixer Amp from Maplins, though it's piddly and isn't quite powerful enough for what I really want to do. 2x 10" 3 way speakers 200rms/400w max 8 ohms. 2x Kam disco lights some other disco lights which I can't remember the name of them and a set of LED lights from Maplins I am getting a QTX Sound QA1000 amp second hand (to replace the mixer amp) when I get paid on 15th of this month and the Alto Zephyr 6 channel mixer from Maplins.
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