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  1. Thanks for your reply McCardle. Very interesting info. I plan to pop into Electromarket in Essex soon. They have a range of cabinets including 15" and 18" subs which are both surprisingly compact. Will be nice to hear an AB comparison. Cheers John
  2. I always used 18" Bass Bins in the 70s/80s - loved that amazing really low easy bottom end - to me that was the real disco sound - especially for reggae etc. Do any of you still use 18s - I've noticed that there are 18" rigs for sale. Any comments? John
  3. I would suggest an active sub to put some bottom end into your sound. Bax Walker
  4. Right - I've think I've got the general hang of Virtual DJ but a couple of questions. (using home version for my learning curve before paying out for pro version) How do I save my preferences? (at the moment it resets each time I launch the program) How can I direct VDJ to my external music hard drive directories automatically on start up? Thanks in advance John
  5. Hi, I'm John signing in..... I did a long stint of DJ'ing in the 60s 70s and 80s. Started before you could buy equipment off the shelf - in fact I don't think the term Mobile Disco had even started then. Started with 2 x 18" Goodmans speakers with 12" on top. Amps were kit built 70 watts - quite rugged though. Ended up making gear for other budding DJs and then opened my shop in Canterbury - South Coast Discos, later to be abbreviated to Socodi Music. I wonder if any of my customers are still 'spinning vinyl'. After a couple of years companies like Discosound, Citronic, Pul
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