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  1. Where did you get those from - official top 10 is - 1 Flo Rida Ft Kesha - Right Round 2 Saturdays - Just Can't Get Enough 3 Lady Gaga - Poker Face 4 Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You 5 Taylor Swift - Love Story 6 Ti Ft Justin Timberlake - Dead And Gone 7 Lily Allen - The Fear 8 Lady Gaga - Just Dance 9 Shontelle - T-Shirt 10 Pussycat Dolls/Missy Elliott - Whatcha Think About That Saturdays, Kelly Clarkson & Lady GaGa are worth playing and possibly Flo-Rida with an RnB crowd. The rest are a bit slow. I've been asked for Lady Ga
  2. I had it too.. definitley a scam, just ask to be put in touch with their Wedding co-ordinator at the venue to discuss access before providing a quote and I bet you'll never hear anything from them. Oh, and they can't be having their Wedding in your city and my city, apart from the fact I don't even live in a city anyway!
  3. Not really an event as such, but guessed this would be the right place to post. This is just a social meet-up mainly, nothing organised like a NADJ or SEDA night. For anyone in the area interested in meet-ups and networking with fellow DJs, here's the latest info on the regional DJ meet-up/curry club - In the intrests of getting as many folk together as possible it would be good to agree a date when everyone is free, before setting anything in stone. And of course any suggestions for restaurants would be welcome.
  4. I'm pretty sure both those Raghav tracks have been on Now albums, not sure about the others though.
  5. Didn't she release "My delerium" before this? It got plenty of radio play anyhow.. EDIT: Yes, I was right, charted at 33 in December 08, I prefered that to be honest.
  6. There are loads of differences, for your budget you'd be hard pushed to get anything with true instant start, which is a must for any kind of serious mixing. Also things like master tempo, looping, effects, hot starts etc. and just the reliability of the player.
  7. Nah, never heard of you... Welcome along!
  8. Danno13

    2 Unlimited

    I play it every now and again, was requested on NYE and it's popular at 18ths-21sts if you're doing an old school set with stuff like N-Trance, Prodigy etc.
  9. I quite like the polls, but I agree with Kingy that it's annoying that they get bumped to the top when they're voted on, and not just when a comment is posted.
  10. Looks good to me. I especially like the lead at the bottom, and am thinking about buying one of these myself.
  11. 07/08 - £829 08/09 - £636 (still 6 weeks left though..)
  12. I disagree, there will always be those who can adapt to the market/economic climate and still do well. In a business full (excuse the pun) of part timers and those who don't give the same effort as others who rely on the income, this is even more prevelant. Again, I'm inclined to disgaree, if DJs are to feel the pinch them it will be towards the end of the year and early next year, when people are booking Weddings for 2010. Weddings for 2009 are largley a done deal, people already have the budgets, they will just want to make sure they're getting the most for their money.. and thi
  13. So you don't see a light at the end of the tunnel? I'm not an economist, but surely things will get better. With Weddings being booked years in advance that might just provide enough of a buffer to see the recession through... that is of course assuming you do Weddings, but then its very hard to make this job pay if you don't! Optimist? Yes, I see little point in being anything else! Naive? probably!
  14. I voted quiet at the moment, but busier later. December was down on last year, January was up only due to a big payment for an event in March, most of which will be paid out again, so thats artificial. I've had at least one a week during the quiet months, so not too bad really, I've always had to let the summer subsidise this time of year, so aslong as things tick along and bills are paid I'm happy! I even managed a holiday in January! April is also suprising busy, with 6 weddings, one on a Thursday, and all the Fridays still free for birhdays and the more last minute events. I'm re
  15. Anyone else think it looks like Marc Bolan? I'm just up the road from that venue, but it wasn't me I'm afraid.
  16. 02 Award for seaman cleaners :chad:
  17. How can the rate for men and women be different? Or are they including civil partnerships as well? Just playing with those figures shows that in one city near to me, there will be 2970 people getting married in the year. Say only 20% want a DJ, with 52 weeks in the year that leaves 10 weddings a week, and thats just in one city. I have no idea how many DJs are competing for that work, but if you take into account the populations of surrounding towns and villages too then I reckon there must be enough to go round if you're well advertised. I'm up to 34 confirmed for this year, w
  18. Nor would I, great opportunity to educate them as to why you were more expensive!
  19. You'd think wouldn't you? I got a quote through my business account (with A&L) and it was more expensive than through someone I'd never dealt with before.. funny thing was, they both used the same 3rd party to handle the CC processing! The best offer seems to be with streamline, if you join the FSB first you save the £200 setup fee and I'm pretty sure you also don't have a minimum charge each month, aside from rental of the machine.
  20. Yep, I usually always put two LED par 56s behind the rig - a) I can see what I'm doing in stupidly dark venues. b) It looks better than a voice just coming from the darkness, and makes you more approachable.
  21. The M3 Controller is pretty much just an active crossover. So you won't get anymore bass by using it with the F15s. Buy some subs, although you'd have been better off with the F12s and subs to go with them, as F15s will be a bit top heavy ontop of subs.
  22. Well your profit margin determines how much of your turnover goes on expenses, and therefore you can work out how much VAT you could have claimed on those expenses, had you have been registered. That's the relevance. Its hard to work out for me personally, since I also put other DJs out and do hire, uplighting etc too. Just looking at the figures for gigs I did myself, against expenses (excluding payments to other DJs) it's around 45-50% profit.. but then those expenses should be proportioned amongst the other services, which is hard to do. So its not totally accurate or representat
  23. I disagree.. I run at about 40% profit margin which is fairly typical for anyone who's self employed. That's a hell of alot of VAT I could claim back on my expenses. And of course there's VAT on fuel, why do you think garages offer you a VAT receipt? I'm not saying everyone would be better off VAT registering by any means, I just don't think it's quite as crippling as you make out. For a start did you know you can claim the VAT back on any assets bought within the last three years if you're still using them?
  24. Not if you pass the VAT onto your customers and if your customers are mainly hotels, agents and event companies then they'll be VAT registered themseleves so the increase will make no difference. So it needn't be as expensive as you make out. Plus you have to take into account the VAT you save on your expenses.
  25. Only 50? 66 for me tongue out icon Although 14 of them weren't Weddings.
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