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  1. hi i have loads of albums on my laptop but cant seem to get them to serato (i had virtual dj before and they automatically came up ) my laptop is windows 8 which i hate any ideas thanks
  2. Help please I have the dj kit a laptop numark Dj i0 soundcard A numark mix track 2 (arriving tomorrow) a pulse amp and pulse speakers but no idea how to put the lot together have done what I think is right the there is hardly any sound out of the speakers and nothing comes out of the headphones . Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong have tried so many things but all no good thanks
  3. You have been so helpfull am struggling because it's window 8 which I have never used have turned up volume and mute is not on it's a new laptop and is very frustrating lol
  4. thank you so much for the reply we have tried to plug headphones directly into laptop but there is no sound i think i may need to change sound setting on laptop for that what do you think
  5. hi have just purchased a sound blaster X_FI soundcard to plug into my laptop , all is connected but when i plug in headphones the speakers go off any ideas please
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