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  1. Help please I have the dj kit a laptop numark Dj i0 soundcard A numark mix track 2 (arriving tomorrow) a pulse amp and pulse speakers but no idea how to put the lot together have done what I think is right the there is hardly any sound out of the speakers and nothing comes out of the headphones . Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong have tried so many things but all no good thanks

  2. The first and most obvious thing to check the volume levels and mute status of the software control panel which controls the internal soundcard. Depending on the internal sound card model and driver software, there will normally be a little speaker or mixer icon on the lower right task bar on the screen, if you click this then a window pops up with virtual controls for volume etc, make sure that any control for "Volume" or "Wave" are turned up and that any "mute" box or option is unchecked.


    If you don't have any icon like this, then go into the control panel of whatever operating system your laptop is using (XP, Vista, Win 7 etc) and look for anything which controls Sound or Audio.


    If this doesn't solve the problem then the next thing to do is to make sure that the software drivers for the internal soundcard are installed. If in any doubt re-install the driver again :D

    You have been so helpfull am struggling because it's window 8 which I have never used have turned up volume and mute is not on it's a new laptop and is very frustrating lol

  3. From your description it seems like the Soundcard is made to power either a pair of headphones OR the line outputs to the Amplifier / Speakers, but not both at the same time.


    Normally in this situation, the manufacturer designs the product using a jack socket which physically breaks the electrical contact feeding the signal to the outputs whenever a headphone plug is inserted into the socket on the soundcard panel. So there is little you can do if this is the case.


    What I used to do in the past was to use a better quality USB external sound card to feed the main output, and then use the internal soundcard inside the laptop to feed the headphones for Monitoring and PFL use.


    thank you so much for the reply we have tried to plug headphones directly into laptop but there is no sound i think i may need to change sound setting on laptop for that what do you think


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