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  1. I use a keyboard stand. It's simple, compact and does everything i need. I had to narrow it slightly to hold the flightcase (I use a denon dn-mc6000)
  2. Guessing you mean floods? Have a look into the chauvet colorstrips ;)
  3. Numark ppd9000 is the best for this. It still only has 2 mic sockets, but will do everything else you need. You can add extra mics with one of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Soundlab-4-Ch-PA...=item232eee9094
  4. I remember testing kam speakers in their warehouse. They sounded dreadful Go for the peavey ones, I have 2 sets and they're really good
  5. I have dates free for mobile and/or club work. contact Here
  6. Help :) I'm planning a bhangra themed set/night next march and need some advice. I've tried getting into this before and it's a difficult area to learn. Ideally I'd like to get in touch with a decent asian dj that can advice on a playlist or just the right tracks to get. I need something that 'non bhangra listeners' (white people lol) will take to. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. Hmm, never had the problem of settings resetting.. maybe on the pro version that is cured? As for directing to your hdd, it will always be the same drive letter (G or something?) , so just open VDJ, navigate to your music folder, right click it and select "add to db" , then it will always be in your list
  8. Not used serato, but on some you will have to direct the software to your music folder, then you should find the tracks appear in search
  9. I still have a pair of 18"s in my collection of stuff.. to be honest, most of the time a pair of 12"s or 15"s are enough, but they still come in useful sometimes
  10. Well new to this forum anyways lol.. I've been on the dj scene for over 20 years. My facebook page is here if anyone wants a nosey https://www.facebook.com/Summersoundsdisco I do mobile work mostly, but the occasional club slot and all kinds of random things too.. charity events, product launches, exhibitions, promotions, etc. Oh, I also worked as a club lighting technician and managed the repair workshop for Kam uk (I know, why couldn't it have been somewhere decent hehe). Anyways, Hi and stuff :)
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