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  1. Your right mobile Djing does sound a better path. Currently I am in a one year course, that covers basics for TV producton and pesenting and radio production and presenting. With the option of going into a deciated TV or Radio course the year after. After that it is most likely finding employment. Thanks again for answering all my questions. - Cameron
  2. Thanks for the speedy and informative reply. a lot of it sounds like personal preference and optional ditties. I would like to learn to Club beatmix but I don't really have the time or resources yet and im not really that into modern house/techno/dubstep etc. It seems a shame that this forum is going quite but never mind. Do you recommend being a mobile DJ as a career or is it something better left as a hobby.
  3. Hi there, So if you read my introduction I said i was interested in becoming starting my own Mobile Disco down the Line. I had a few questions some of which may seem obvious and some probably aren't really that important but here goes. Is is thought of as a requirement to be able to club style DJ? eg. beatmixing Do you prefer CD's or MP3's? I think I was leaning slightly to CD in terms of quality but I want to know your opinions How much of a night do you plan? DO you know exactly what you are going to play and when, do you know only the Hosts requests, or do you make it all up
  4. Hey there! My names is Cameron and I am currently lving in aberdeen and studying radioo and television at college. I recently tought a bout a career/Second Job in being a Mobile DJ so I stubbled acros this forum. And read a bit. Probably not starting from thenext 3 years at least and im still not even sure this is a good ide but thats why I joined. I have and have always had a passion for music, no doubt influenced by my pearents. I am always listening to music, of all ages from the 60's through to todays stuff. Hope this place inspires me to make a choice! Will post some q's for you all i
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