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  1. Hi, Help please if you can, I am new ....I had my first gig on Saturday and it was fantastic, standing room only and they were dancing on the chairs. I am thinking of getting a stage monitor to put behind me whilst performing, I am using a Behringer PMP4000 powered mixer and running 2 x Behringer 212 passive speakers from it, I have a couple of questions... 1. Can I just use one monitor or do I need to get 2 to equalise the power going out of the mixer? 2. How do I connect a monitor to the mixer, do I just use a separate cable directly into the mixer or do I need to connect it via the speak
  2. Oh Wise Ones .... Can you advise please ... go steady on me - I'm a girl :hide: I had a set-up a while ago whilst living abroad and stupidly sold it as I moved back to UK. I am in the process of buying another set-up for karaokeing. I remember having a sort of 'gaming' multi connection thingy, it had various wires, I think it had 2 VGA's (computer 15 pin connection), some white and yellow RCA's (that I connected to the TV's), the whole thing looked a bit like a computer mouse with all these little wires coming out of it. I think it's real purpose was for connecting gaming consoles etc. I
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