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  1. I would go with what DJ Foureyes. Vistaprint.com is definitely the site I would go with to print Business cards. Prices: 500 £11.66 1000 £14.99 1500 £19.16 2000 £22.49 2500 £25.62 5000 £33.12 10000 £66.03
  2. Tell me what you think? Do you prefer to use CDJ's with a Mixer or a USB Controller using a djing software? Tell me by replying
  3. If you want any advice on Dj'ing or music production email me using the contact details below
  4. I feel you should use your internal audio codec to record your mixes. The way to do this is to use sound recorder on your windows 8 PC. (Make sure the internal audio codec is set at your default microphone). From here I would then go on to publish your mixes to places like soundcloud or mixcloud. If you want any more advice email me on inthemixnetworking@gmail.com
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