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  1. Hi McCardle. Thank you for the welcome. I am predominantly an edm dj, but I have very varied tastes and don't really specialise in any particular genre of edm, i.e. Within my sets I will often play classic reggae & dub, hip hop remixes and progress up the tempo through house (mostly tech, electro and traditional [modern remixes of classics]) and finish on a few dnb tracks. I will try to read the vibe of the party as best I can and adjust to suit. A good friend of mine has offered me a chance to play at a large local festival and to be honest I think playing off the ipad with a basic sound
  2. Hi, I have recently come back to Djing after a long break and have been using the Traktor Dj App for iPad, which I find amazing! Considering i am used to vinyl with all it's rather expensive and cumbersome limitations (apologies to all you purists!), but I have very limited knowledge of modern midi players, mixers and all the various other MP3 players available on market! Along with all the various software available???? I used to play out a fair bit at local events and parties (mostly mucky fields;) with a load of mates. I have been out of the scene for some ten years or so and have found
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