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  1. No I didn't. Surely it goes Mixer-crossover-amp-speaker and therefore the speaker is directly across the (uncontrolled) output of the amp. The active crossover would be pre-amplifier surely.
  2. I have to ask....why do you think Mackie go to the expense of installing that cross over then if it could be just hard wired to an amp?? Surely it is there to limit the frquencies that those drivers and that cab can utilise??
  3. Do I feel a L1 Bose comment coming on.... :devil:
  4. Once. Diode failed open circuit on a Citronic SM450 and I had no spare. This was about 1988 ish and the night (a Police office party) finished with just drinking!! Once in 30 years ain't too bad!!
  5. I feel another attempt at keeping the courier world struggling.....
  6. Welcome to the real world!! Crap ain't it...??
  7. Personally I can see both advantages and dis-advantages. As I feel that charge backs may be all too common these days I would not accept this as a form of payment. It's never been a problem to accept cheques or cash, thank you.
  8. Looks quite good, plenty of memories there!! Not sure where I personally will play it, but I am sure it has a market.
  9. Each to their own. I would leave them where they are.
  10. One with this short notice hasn't happened to me for about 10 years.
  11. Same level in my eyes.... :ads:
  12. Go on then, I will bore you with mine, send me the questions in an easy to answer format please. :ads:
  13. Just found it for £179.99 at dj kit. I am not sure this is the same quality as Cerwin Vega used to be, the spec is pretty low as is the price...suspiciously so. My guess (as in stanton stuff) is that the "name" has been licenced by an OEM. Perhaps Ken (superstardeejay) has knowledge of this item. Cerwin Vega USED to produce high end quality stuff and at this price, unless they have dropped their margins massively, it seems too much amp for very little money. Ya pays yer money... :cow:
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