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  1. It will also sound rubbish, unless you have a very high spec soundcard. You would be far better off getting a cheap or second hand little mixer and running the microphone through that. Many mixers have effects on board, so you could add your reverb there.
  2. I use MP3 Collector for that very job. You create a database and then I export it to Excel. As Alexandre from comparethemeerkat.com would say "Simples"
  3. I would recommend Tag & Rename. It will extract the title and artist from the file-name. (with a bit of playing around) and then you can rename the file in any format you choose. The beauty is that, certainly with the latest version, it also renames the .cdg file as well as the .mp3.
  4. I went - Spent £10 on petrol to get there and £10 to get in (took the Mrs!). I was in the "show" for less than 20 minutes. Ten of which was spent talking to a mate of mine on the Ultimax stand. Nothing new at all. Maybe a dozen displays. Last years 2 rooms of displays and the seminars downstairs had all been thinly spread across two rooms this year. Even the guys on the door looked embarrased to be taking your money. Very very poor showing guys, I will not be attending again. Roll on BPM.
  5. Sorry, must be my age, but I wouldnt quote for the job at all. There are only 2 places I want to be at 4am. One is in bed, the other is in a Departure Lounge.
  6. I always call it straight away. Slimboy Fat: Depends what time I am booked until. The time the bar closes is irrelevant to what time I finish. In the old days (gets his stick out) the disco always finished about 30 minutes after the bar closed, but these days, I find more and more venues where the disco finishes at the same time the bar closes.
  7. Noel Gordon - used to be Meg in Crossroads (Dont ask how I know that I just do) And according to Eddie Scrooge in the excellent recent version of A Christmas Carol.... "Christmas is a time for the lazy and ignorant to give thanks for the birth of Catalogue Shopping" Does that count???
  8. I wouldnt quote to do a 12 hour job on my own no matter what day it was. I have no objection to working Xmas Day, so would only quote for the job if I could find another DJ to split the work with.
  9. All my tracks go through MP3 Gain with no problems on my Denon. Another good one is MP3 Packer, which converts VBR to CBR (although Denon say that VBRs done cause problems anymore...) and it's free - although doesnt seem to like Vista.....
  10. My contract states : Performance : Commencing (start time) and then as required, finishing no later than (finish time). so again, if the party finishes early as in the original post, I would not offer a refund. There are obviously a few reasons where I might consider giving some kind of refund, a power cut for example, but that would be decided on each particular event.
  11. What do you mean Big McBen? I am yet to install V1300 on mine, what makes the upgrade so bad? Surely if you (or I) dont like the hotlist feature, you just dont use it?? There's loads of features I dont use all ready....
  12. Yeah - I can add tracks to my hotlist and delete tracks from my hotlist!!!!! Just one point - what's a hotlist?? And how do I use one??
  13. Thanks for that Gary... I knew I could rely on you... So, OTSAV will still do the auto-play and everything else, it's just that the HD2500 will become the play button, hot starts, etc etc.... Sounds very interesting....
  14. OK, one for the tech guys (looking in your direction Gary)... There has today been a new OTS AV upgade which makes it compatible via MIDI to the HD2500. In VERY SIMPLE terms... what does this mean??
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