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  1. What is price including p&p etc?
  2. I rechecked some of the stuff I had manually bpm'd, it come up trumps, saves me the annoying taps. Thanks again, great find It does not like slow songs though
  3. How reliable is this mate? would save me a lot of tapping.
  4. DMX are definately better effects, as for controller, not an essential item, but as mentioned above, you dont want lights dancing around hyper on a slow song. On the other hand, if you have barrel effects I would definately recommend a controller, or at least a switch so you can turn them off, or set them to slow scan/colour change
  5. I never play the same stuff, I try to vary vastly and bring in imports and other not so common stuff. I try to avoid cheese, but then I guess it varies on event type. In the club pub I play, then there is guaranteed crowd pleasers, but so many that I change from week to week
  6. Mine is kind of free, young fella, loves the ladies, so he takes requests, drives, loads, unloads and helps setup. He loves it, free night out and a way of meeting new people. Also in addition to that, I help him out with other stuff.
  7. Thanks guys, looks like I will have to go annual. Much appreciated
  8. A mate of mine who used to be a dj, and has been called up to do a one off event for his brothers wedding. He has all the kit etc, everything is professional gear and PAT tested as of recent. He needs 5 million PLI insurance as it is at a council run village hall. He has looked about, but everywhere they quote for the year, when he only needs to cover himself for one day. There must be a way, as there are often one day events of different types that require short term cover. Any help appreciated as always
  9. What would be best, but not too expensive dmx controller to run: 2 Martin Acrobats 2 Abstract Twister 4's 1 EVL Spin will also be adding 1 or 2 other dmx effects soon, but not sure what as yet, maybe an output for hazer too.
  10. I read about 6 words of your rant, and hope you feel better now that you got it off your chest! I purchased from [Edited] and I feel no guilt what so ever about the fault situ, and it will have an actual fault. This is not what I'd normally do, but recently I have had nothing but hassle with them and they have cost me money through poor customer relations, also cost me money for transport when they supposedly held back an item for me, I went to collect same day and item was not there. Then I bought a spare amp, didnt work and gave me hassle in refunding. I bought a hard drive from them......
  11. Unfortunately DHL failed to locate my address, so will not receive until tomorrow now. Light output is a concern, if this effect is not powerful enough to provide a backdrop, simply the unit will develope a fault and be returned for refund.
  12. I have been toying with the idea of LED powered lighting, apparently it is the way forward. I have seen a few of these effects about, but unfortunately none give any idea of what the equivalent wattage of these led effects is. I have purchased a water ripple effect for a back drop, should be with me today, so I'll pop back and edit this and let you know my findings.
  13. I use a Proper Midi sized p.c, Lian Li case with filters, so smoke does not seem to affect my pc at all, cant answer as far as laptops. I use a Hazer, not smoke machine, and just enough to create the desired effect. I have not at any point had a complaint, or been disallowed to use it.
  14. VTT (Virtual Turntables) Still using this, although I have BPM Studio, PC DJ etc, but too stuck in my ways to try to learn the new layouts etc. With VTT, it accepts a lot of winamp pluggins which is handy, especially the limiter, saves all the hassle when one song is louder, or has more bass etc. The beat matching is cool, although bpm is not automated, good old reliable tapping :-) You can add effects, as well as assign keys to voiceovers, sound effects etc. Also it remembers all your cue points, which is well handy. If you are into serious beat match mixing, then I think VTT is by
  15. I use the following: Mastermix Pro Disk (Ok for commercial stuff) DMC DJ Only (Pretty much the same as above) I import promo only UK Club, Underground club, Alternative club, Club beats, [Please keep your abusive comments to yourself, this is a Mobile DJ forum - not a club one and your flippant remark is offensive to the majority of our membership, Admin] DMC Commercial I like just for the versus tunes. Also some good stuff is: Ultimix Funky mix Ultimix Wickedmix X-Mix
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