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  1. Hi David, As you say, wireless receivers for each fixture would be too expensive. My plan (if I decide to go wireless) is to have one receiver on each of my main T Bars - as I normally space these tripods as far out as possible - and another couple each strapped to and LED Bar (which I can then daisy chain other LED bars from) - as I often run LED bars up each side of the room uplighting the walls (although just as often I use them on the wall behind me. Here is a picture of a set up which would have been a lot quicker if I hadn't had to run all the DMX cables:http://img25.imageshack
  2. Yes David, although they look lower quality than the Chauvet (I never thought I would use that phrase!). I would also prefer a system that wouldn't stop working when there is a full dancefloor between me than the receiver. (But at that price they could be worth a try.) I would also hate to take a venues Wi-Fi out or have it interfere with me. So I'm still looking for other opinions.
  3. Hi all, It's been some time since I last visited here. I've just been getting on with life and gigging. For some time I've wanted Wireless DMX (mainly to speed set up of remote lighting tripods and LED bars) but all the systems that came across were aimed at touring companies and theatres, and cost ££££'s. But now I see that Chauvet do wireless DMX transmitter/receivers. Now my general opinion of Chauvet has been that they produce cheap low end kit. However lighting is less important than sound. In addition I would only be using them over a range of around 10 metres and they cla
  4. What are they then? I thought Rich may appreciate the full gain staging explanation. Excuse me for posting off topic. :hurt:
  5. I voted other. Obviously I give a card to anyone who asks for one and pack up as quickly as possible. But whilst packing up, and also during the drive home I do a lot of thinking about what I could have done better and how I can improve my show/performance next time. Also I often record my set (on an MP3 player) and listen to parts of it in the car on the drive home, dissecting and analysing it. Yum Yum! I need to come up and try one of those
  6. I would guess that you have the master volume turned down. Let's take it from the begining: Spot on. The channel gain is there to set the input levels of different sources and tracks so that they are at the optimum level for the mixer. This is peaking at 0dB on your meters. Assuming the above has been done, once a slider is up the output meter level will depend on the setting of the master volume. Again optimum is peaking at 0dB (but of course durring the early part of an evening you may have the master volume lower, peaking below 0dB). The amp gains can then be set so tha
  7. "Commercial radio chart Hit40UK has announced it is ditching CD sales from its official figures. The weekly singles chart, which broadcasts across 130 stations, is to be based solely on digital downloads from this weekend." Link It's getting extremely hard to get hold of CD singles now, which are my prefered format - uncompressed (full wav quality), remixes and something to physically own are the things I love about them. Could this be the final nail in the coffin for the CD single?
  8. I do NYE in a restaurant. This year less tables were booked, then they had some cancellations, and two tables didn't turn up on the night (despite having paid a deposit). So we had around 50 people - half what we had last year. At 10.30 they were on the coffee, but no sign of anyone getting up to dance. The previous year loads were up dancing before coffee was even served. Then I spotted a table of 10 getting up and putting their coats on to leave! I was thinking that it was going to turn in to a very poor night. But then a few got up to dance and by 11 I had nearly everyone up danci
  9. I think that what he may bed saying is that by turning the amp down and the mixer up, you may cause clipping on the mixer, which can cause tweeters to blow. 'Better to turn the gain down on the mixer, and the amp up.
  10. But what if these tracks don't go down well with the audience on the night? I don't think you can ever pre-plan any set - unless you are a club DJ playing to the same crowd week after week and know their musical tastes inside out - and even then, you would still do better choosing the best tracks to play live and on the spot. People are paying for your expertise in judging the mood and atmosphere, and selecting the best songs to play. Anyone could be a juke box.
  11. Same here, but it will be at 120bpm. I have found over the years that the crowd always wants to count down in time to any music playing. (One year I tried cutting the music just as I started the count down, but I didn't feel that the atmosphier was as good.) So playing some that is 120bpm (or close and pitched up/down to be 120bpm) allows them to count the seconds in time to every other beat. Like many others I use pre-recorded chimes and a radio controlled (atomic time signal) clock to keep the countdown and chimes spot on.
  12. Thanks Tonsk! I managed to get 5 tracks within the £3 on Boxing day with this offer. But I've only just discovered that they are all VBR - which is a pain on my Denon kit. I can't complain for free, but I'll stick with 7 Digital infuture which are mainly 320Kbs CBR.
  13. Well I'm here. No work today, so I actually have some spare time! (In fact no work for a week, then NYE and back to the day job on the 2nd.) Just chilling at the moment. The kids are with their Dad this morning, and my lady is doing her hair right now. Then the children come back, we do the presents, then all go to my lady's sister's for a family Christmas Lunch and lots to drink, getting a taxi back latter tonight. A loverly stress free day this year. Happy Christmas to you all!!
  14. Hi Ray, Could you add details to the Venues with Sound Limiters thread? Thanks.
  15. Hi Andy, That sounds interesting. Can you post details on how to create your own presets?
  16. As mentioned above, if you do the remix live you are fine. It is the recording of it that is illegal. But DJ's have been doing this since the 70's. That it how the remix came about, and most big name DJ's today create their own exclusive re-edits to make tracks work better in their sets. The Building Society own my house - well for 25 years they do, and I'll sell it and move on before that time is up.
  17. Hi DJ Cee, Welcome to the forum! :djuhi: Let me try to help: I was tault microphone skills by a club manager, who was an ex-DJ. I had been working there a few weeks an never used the mic - he felt I should. So he gave me the newspaper and got me to read out the headlines over the tops of tracks (during the start of the night, whilst the staff out numbered the number of customers). This then progressed on to reading whole articles out. His next trick was to take the head shell off of one of the decks and told me to fill the gap whilst changing record by talking at the
  18. Thank you for your kind comments Gentlemen. I'm especially honored to receive a complement from the esteemed Mr Harris.
  19. Great Tune. Nice to see her back making music. A future number one, me thinks.
  20. I was a late adopter of CD's (around 2001) but looking at the pole I think I'm about average having just changed to digital. I suspect that many more will be changing over in the next year now that there are excellent hardware players from companies like Pioneer and Denon.
  21. I take a 1lt bottle of water - normally a posh glass one (but refilled from the tap at home!). I will buy a glass of lemonade or water at the start of the night, then use it for my water after that, unless the venue offers to keep me supplied with water (which many do). This is due to the fact that working on my own, I don't have the time to wait to be served at the bar.
  22. RobbieD


    Phono inputs are designed for the lower level that a cartrige outputs, and they apply the RIAA EQ, so you can't just plug a line level input in to them. But you can get converters like this.
  23. I've been playing with a pair of Denon DN-HS5500's since February, and finally felt confident to start taking them out on the road. They replace my previous DN-S1000's so a new case was in order: http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/842/consoleru6.jpg http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/9137/console0dp3.jpg http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/2465/console1zj1.jpg Wheels on one end to make it easier to transport: (It weighs 35Kg!) http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/9880/console1endwheelsxn0.jpg The foam below the keyboard will sit flush once I get a smaller mains block and complete th
  24. 12" everytime. Although depended on what feels best, I will more often than not mix out as "Tainted Love" starts to break down (i.e. before "Where Did Our Love Go" starts) as can start to drag a bit. But if the attmosphear is right I let it run on in to "Where Did Our Love Go". The 12" gives you the option. The 7" doesn't.
  25. Hi Dukesy, Sounds very impressive! I use a couple of Quiklok scissor stands myself, using one with the lid as a CD table. But now I only carry a small box of CD's as a forth back up (redundancy in the two Denon players, MP3 player as third back up, and CD walkman in a small box of CD's, normally left unopened on the floor, as forth back up) so don't need to use the lid as a CD table now. I am also considering other stand options, but don't want anything that takes much longer than a Quiklok scissor stand - i.e. one second! But the booth comes first, and I'm 80% sure of an S&H
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