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  1. The hp's or the older 250 watt version?
  2. Just wondered if there was a huge difference between the Abstract Twister 4 250 watt and the Twister 4 hp?
  3. Mmmm, but surely cost is the only part of that sentance that actually applies to Martin kit and if you're scouring the fleebay pages there are a lot of bargain. I think the key with Martin kit is to discount the older kit - back in the day, there was some huge and heavy martin stuff kicking about, but the newer gear like the EFX range, the mania stuff and so on are no heavier than other kit on the market, but I do think you get a much better product. I've had years of buying Acme, Prolight, Skytec and other cheaper brands and have never been anything other than dissapointed. Currentl
  4. Oh yes, I had four of the I-Show's, exactly the same as yours - best sale I ever made - have minimacs and datamoons now - far, far better than the I-Show's! How come?
  5. Which is exactly why I got rid of the four I had! No idea about the wizzards, but don't mistake the I solution kit as an alternative to Martin. IMHO, a poor second! If you are interested in Martin effects, try haveing a chat with Quinney, he's the Martin king around here - not sure exactly what he has now, but certainly a pair of EFX500's and some EFX scanners. I do believe he paid a reletively low price from good old Ebay for at least one of his EFX500's. I can also vouch for them as have seen them in action a number of times - stunning effect!
  6. Some great responses, thank you. I've never been a great organiser and have always had to use some of the tools that have been mentioned to prioritise my workload. I guess some people are just natural at this kind of task and others have to work a little harder to achieve the same thing. I would never try to pretend I am a natural! lol! Bitten off more than I can chew? Maybe, but then I am sure there are loads of other people running there own business who would think that at times. Would I give it up and go back to the 9 - 5? Don't even need a moment to think about that, there is ab
  7. After a year of doing this lark full time, I just wondered how the rest of you manage to fit in everything you need to do. It was a little diferent when I was part time, primarily because I didn't rely on the business to pay for my life. There are times when I am pulling my hair out! I'm sure there are many of you who do the same, but I have to be the Managing director, the Accounts manager, Sales team, secretary, web designer, receptionist, DJ, chocolate fountian operator, storeman and engineer all at the same time! I have never been under any illusion that running your own bus
  8. I'm a mixmiester user, not sure if that makes a difference. Albums regardless whether they are artist or compilation have a folder per album, named with the artist and sub folder with the album, or simply (for the sake of the NOW's and similar) the album. For individual tracks, I have a variety of folders. The simplist is years, so for the last few years have had a 2007, 2008 and now 2009 folder as well as 1980's etc... I also have some gendre specific where is helps me to do so. For example, a few weeks ago we did a part where the client was a huge hip hop fan, so I now have a hip
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. We have only (up until last Friday) had contact and communication with the "agent" and at no point have we had either direct contact with "the act" or indeed the name of "the act". The contract is covered in the "agent's" logo's and web site. It lists details of the date of the event, type of show (a "G-String show" which was described on there web site and the act provided on the night did not provide this show), the venue we wanted it, the time, the style of show (Officer & Gentleman) and what the occasion is. We have a booking reference, the total fee,
  10. I hope this is in the right part of the forum. This is a little "off topic", but it may have some parts which cross over into areas of our work and may have some use to people. I also need some thoughts! It was my sister in laws hen night on Good Friday. Back in Feb my wife decided to search out a slightly more upmarket "stripper". She was very clear that she didn't want the guy from behind the pub (if that makes sense). Her and her sister have a history of following the Chipendales, so you get the idea! So she found a company, based a little way from us, who seemed to fit the b
  11. And I too have absolutely no problem with cash or cheques, but I would have secured at least 4 bookings this year had I been able to take a payment over the phine, Add to that the fact that I get at least 4 or 5 clients a month asking if they can pay by card, it all adds up,
  12. I do think (although I like it), in comparison to the KAM it is a little too busy at times
  13. Sorry, didn't understand that post at all.... Any chance of a little more clarification?
  14. Actually that's quite cool. found a vid as well: it's not quite as "simple" as the KAM, which i guess means it would need to be fairly controlable to get the more "mirrorball" effect you get from the KAM and some of the other clusters
  15. KAM 3D cluster - absolutely no question. The most useful and versitile laser I have used in years. No need for smoke as it looks superb without, but add a little haze and you get a new effect! Available for around the £240 mark right now I think? Although it'll be rare for it not to be out, you are welcome to have a borrow to see what you think (or pop over and I'll show you!) OMG!!! have I just recomended a KAM product? lol!
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