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  1. What? That's ALL you did for them? You didn't sign the lyrics while the song was playing? Where's your dedication man? :D
  2. My V8 Estate car is sign written, 100% business use and insured as such. It's a commercial car and I got it reclassified as a 'Light Goods Vehicle', which meant that I was able to tint the windows from the 'B' pillar back as dark as I wanted. The law's a bit peculiar here about that. http://www.djrichard.co.nz/images/Holden_V8_01.jpg
  3. Just as well most of our events are for private events rather than public events huh? ;)
  4. Working with a wedding planner is different to GETTING work FROM a wedding planner. I find that if I execute my duties with style, flair and professionalism and make sure that I'm a pleasure to work with, that the planner recommends me for free, even though I'm expensive.
  5. Absolutely no issue whatsoever. There are so many fantastic songs that I don't ever feel that I need to ration them- in fact more often the opposite is true. I get frustrated that I can't fit more great songs in.
  6. One of the great things about the 802 is that you CAN replace a driver, ever on a 15 or 20 year old speaker and get it sounding as good as new. The 802 is also one of the most rugged speakers on the market, designed for outdoor use in the most testing of circumstances.
  7. Andy Goodtimes, what the hell are you doing to them? If you (or your roady) are so grossly abusive to your gear that you can make a substantial hack of them in such a short time, then clearly you need something industrial and don't deserve the Bose!!! Mine are years old and are still looking brand new. Speakers blowing? Never once heard of that happening to any of the dozens of users I speak with, including guys like Cap Capello, who runs several pairs of L1s and was one of the first mobile DJs to adapt to the new technology. Amps failing? I know on not one user who has had that issue. No
  8. Personally I like that the Bose L1 splits opinions in the industry so effectively. I love that most of my competitors don't like them (or most commonly, don't understand the advantages) for whatever reason. It means that I can maintain a degree of exclusivity and a point of difference in the eyes of my venues, my clients and other event professionals. They are perceived by these people as being some of the best equipment available (I'm not saying that they are, just that's the perception) and that's something I can really bank on. Long may my competitors NOT understand that! :Thumbu
  9. Generally speaking I enjoy working with them. I get in contact a week or more before the wedding and introduce myself, letting them know that I'm keen to work in with them and help make the wedding as special as it can be for our mutual clients. I also offer my runsheet at the rehearsal so we can see if there's any area where we're not on the same page, so we can iron out difficulties before they arise. They love that I'm happy to work with them and they love that I'm organised and professional. I appreciate the same about them.
  10. Bose always have and always will polarise opinion. Those who hate them do so with an almost obsessive and vocal hatred that you'd assume that their mummy had run off with a Bose technician when they were a kid. Those who love them and use them generally rave about them as if they WERE that Bose technician. Bose were originally caught very much by surprise that the L1 was taken to so strongly by the DJ community as that wasn't part of their original design brief, but as soon as they realised that they'd created something that delighted thousands of DJs all over the world, they
  11. I love my iPhone 3G! It's an incredible business tool and a very cool gadget.
  12. I'm still absolutely smitten with mine, almost 3 years into my ownership. On 4th October I had the pleasure of working at a wedding along side one of New Zealand's big name contemporary rock bands at a wedding. Here's a picture of our two rigs side by side: http://www.disco.co.nz/images/Stoneridge_04045.jpg When their first set finished, I kicked in with my single Bose L1 playing a Buena Vista Social Club mix of Coldplay's Clocks and the groom came up to me right away. He said (to my delight); "Unbelievable! The band sounded great, but your little Bose sounds AS loud, and clearer t
  13. I have a handful of ways I finish the night, including the circle, but one thing I do is ensure that as much as possible is done off-mic so it appears and feels a lot more natural. There are ways to achieve this with a bit of forward planning and preparation.
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