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  1. Has someone been tweaking/tidying up the layout of this forum?!
  2. I was thinking of posting on here but never did. My last disco was in January (which is unusual as I don't normally have any or have very few gigs in January and February after Christmas and New Year). I'm glad it did happen as that will very likely be my only one this year. All others have been cancelled or postponed until 2021 (and at this rate, it seems even that is pushing it). That is, except one wedding which was due to take place summer this year. They postponed it until the end of October. I said fine blah blah blah knowing they should postpone it longer. I'm now wa
  3. Indeed - thanks for keeping this site online, Chris.
  4. Well done Chris for keeping it online. I don't see the forum as having closed its doors as you can still post. I think it's more that it was 'upgrade in progress' for ages and people were driven away.
  5. I am glad it does stay online. Does make you wonder though who is covering the costs and how long it will last.
  6. Chris Pointon posted a reply here. It seems to have been removed...
  7. Still cracking on with discos etc. Yes - the same avatar. Not much point changing it now! I wonder who else visits here from time to time? I only came by through chance. There are some useful old topics on here. Some no longer relevant due to technology changes etc, but most will be valid still.
  8. The problem was that years ago, this forum was down for a very long time. By which time, people lost interest and likely moved on to other forums or social media etc. This was a great forum in 2004/2005/around that time.
  9. I have some Samson LS2 speaker stands (see here: Stands). On the top pole is a bit of plastic that converts the stands from 25mm to the more common 35mm top hat fitting. I have lost one of the bits of plastic. I have emailed Samson but nothing back yet, and can't find anywhere online to buy them. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. I have found searching for 'slider knob' (oo-er) or similar is helping - still not quite there. Behringer wanted about £40 for the part (including shipping and VAT). No thanks. I have also tried plastic moulding companies to see if they could make a copy of an existing button (no problem) but of course there is a minimum order of about 1000 for these companies so I have ruled that out. Starting to get stuck..
  11. Cheers guys. I have gone with the egg crate foam option which arrived today. I feel it won't be enough so may have to angle the foam. We'll see how it goes!
  12. I need a control knob which is missing from my Behringer FBQ1502. I have tried contacting them several times to no avail. Any advice?
  13. Hello. I use four speakers - two of which some gear is put on, but the other two are as is/bare with nothing on top. As you would expect, many beer/wine glasses/whatever get put on them every week, empty and full. I don't always have time to move the full ones quickly. There has never been a bad spillage but that isn't the point. Stands are not an option as these speakers are old and heavy. If someone were to knock them over they would feel it and being heavy, are difficult to lift onto stands. Also, placing lights on there won't worry - just something else g
  14. This was and indeed is a great forum and it is brilliant to have it back. So what actually happened and why was it 'down' for so long? I think it may take quite a while for people to discover it is back and for posts to come in etc...
  15. test So, is this forum up and running again? What happened to it etc etc etc?
  16. Not strictly DJ-related, but I have a 2011 diary for sale with penguins on the front! Very nice and A5ish size. Hardback. Hopefully we all have diaries but who knows..... £1.25 + P&P if anyone is at all interested.
  17. I have my first of many, many weddings of the year in Christchurch this evening. Bit of a trek to get into the hall, and a few steps. Parking was a bit bad last time too. However, as long as I can get stuff without too much fuss then all will be well. Doesn't matter so much when packing away. Finish at 23:00 too so should be plenty of time at the end to get things loaded.
  18. Depends on the event mostly. Some talking needed, yes. Not too much - people want to hear tracks not some stranger talking all the time. Especially true at things like 18th's/21st's - guests want to hear tunes. With regards to the disco vs jukebox - I have added my comments (don't wish to drift off topic too much though). Disco/DJ: * Plays at set volume, often too loud for some guests - not always true at all * Starts at fixed time and often ends at the very time when the party is at its peak - many will play longer (obviously for an increased fee but will do it) *
  19. Varies every time. Some times another slow track (or another two slow tracks), maybe something fast, the Bridge & Groom may have requested something, could be a Bride & Father of the Bride dance, may stop after the first dance for dinner and pick up later. I have to look at the crowd and choose (unless a request has been made).
  20. Interesting, as this was one of the 'weakest' parts of the night for me. Not much of a cheer. Saying that, Auld Lan Syne was fantastic, with everyone in a circle singing. Ran out of space almost! On that note, the first words spoken to me in 2011 were buy a 'guest' and were along the lines of "are you going to F****** get on with it this year or next?". Lovely. I said "next year" and ignored him which shut him up. He said the above as it was taking a minute and a half (wow, so loooong) to get everyone in a circle. Well, there were about 70 people there. Oh well.
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