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  1. I use the sdj2 as it has a mixer which can be used for a spare if ever needed. Great units and never had any problems . I use the same two 4GB cards for most of my Wedding gigs. Make sure to sort your music into folders you can access easily and also make sure the tags are all correct as its easier to scroll through tracks when there in alpabetical order.
  2. Steve Earl Ft Sharon Shannon definitely the best version , good job he didn't ask for "Horse It Inta Ya Cynthia" a real classic!!!!!!
  3. Hi There , obviously there will be better quality mixers out there . If your mixer has balanced XLR outputs it should be ok to use with your new Mackies also separate gain controls on each channel are a must. I use Mackies with a Denon mixer which I am very happy with. If you are going to spend a lot of cash on a good pa , it would be wise to spend a few hundred quid extra on a good quality mixer , after all you would't put remould tyres on a Ferrari.
  4. Bought a Chauvet VUE 3 which I thougt was the same as the Impossibled , however the Chauvet VUE 3 is slightly larger and its a real bugger to get a case for it ( anybody have any suggestions on this) so I suspect the led's may be bigger bit I'm not sure. Also although these effects are similar the Acme Impossibled has white , green , red and blue led's where the Chauvet doesn't have any white.
  5. Will be going to Ebay shortly with these but thought I'd offer them here first. 2 NJD Datamoons , older model working perfectly but outer cases have a lot of paint missing and a few rust spots, would need a respray to look the part. £100 the pair including delivery 4 Dynamo 100 w Scanners ( 1year old) in as new condition , including flightcase , CA8 Controller , dmx leads and hanging brackets . £330 including carriage. Anyone interested email me at enquiries@woodyo.co.uk
  6. Wait for it ..... Woolpackers "HillBilly Rock" ... if keeping upbeat or if slowing things down .... Bellamy Brothers "Beautiful Body" or if keeping similar tempo Achy Breaky Heart!! Nice Idea for a thread Paul.
  7. It's my 21st NYE gig this year in the hotel where I am resident , haven't missed a NYE since starting there in 1986.
  8. Try Thomann , cheap and good quality if you bulk buy.
  9. Hit Man and Her , what a great show like many othersd used to watch it after a Saturday Night gig. Remember the guy who couldn't dance ... Ghostbuster I think he was called. I still have most of the SAW stuff on 12" in the loft.
  10. Very good dealer , saved a fortune on my Mackies even delivered next day to Northern Ireland.
  11. I'm nearly 100% sure I have a copy of this in the attic on 12" vinyl . I must have a look.
  12. Try Coverover Covers that's were I got mine , can't remember the price . sorry.
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