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  1. cash waiting...preferably within striking distanceof Manchester/Bolton etc
  2. Dropped one of my Mackies last week, and have damaged coil. They are the Italian ones. Rang Mackie support up, but all they do now are the Chinese replacements which have bad reviews on Mackie forum. Anybody ever put any other speaker in them eg Celestion etc? If so, which ones?
  3. I use one of the cheap plastic bodied Antari ones (around £35 on ebay), and I too am waiting for it to break so I can justify getting a different coloured one...but no luck. Had it working every weekend for 2 years. And it gives out a surprisingly large amount ...and reheats super quick. Had a large hazer before that, but wouldn't want to go back to carrying the weight...and the Antari is super economical and compact...highly recomended! If you need vast amounts get two! (But I use it with my rock band, really 'over the top' and its more than enough
  4. This is a cracking powered system...300w sub and 2 x 150w satellite speakers (all amps are in the sub). Surprisingly loud for the size. Currently sells for around £650 so a half price bargain (more or less) at just £325 Manchester area
  5. with large ammount of bulgin multicore (well, about 20 meters) Handy unit http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=170321660479
  6. Deary me.....so all you Bose/Mackie owners have wasted your money...if people think that's good !!! All ya need then
  7. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Abstract-Madscans-x-...A1%7C240%3A1318
  8. can't believe had no reply for these...Four, yes 4 Madscans (the ones in plstic cases and dmx controller...all for £200...ok they need ne mirrors, but they're cheap enough, otherwise work fine! First £200 gets the lot!!!!
  9. Dunno...around £900 a pair mark internet price...gig bags are £100 so you're getting at least a grand's worth of barely used gear for half price virtually.
  10. You should get my 450's advertised on the for sale section...they're absolutely mint, with brand new gig bags. Only bought as back up, and used twice for on stage monitor..a gift!
  11. You should buy my Mackie 450s (mint!!), bags, Mackie 1500 sub, and my Madscans with controller. I'll also chuck in a SM58 Shure and some speaker stands Just add laptop and thats all you need virtually...great sound system and four great scanners Just a grand! Bargain!!
  12. absolutely mint in absolutely mint cases. I got 2 pairs and these were just kept for back up. Don't think I've ever gigged em...just tested at home. £550 ono... manchester/Wigan area
  13. Can't believe no-ones been for these...Four Madscans (the plastic cased ones) and a controller. Need a couple of new mirrors...(raid your wife's handbag collection)..plus controller (the blue one with red buttons)...absolute gift at £200 the lot!!!! They cost £300+ each!!!! 250w halogens Manchester/Wigan area
  14. better than the 1501. Excellent working order...add a lot of woomph for just £325 ono Manchester/Wigan area
  15. Yeh, I had some Studiomasters a few years ago...white cones. They were made in USA. If standard has been kept up they should be good..but haven't Soundlab bought the brand?
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