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  1. I'm going to carry Marc's cd wallet! Nothing for me!
  2. My only comment is that once you see there is new management in place, make an appointment to meet them and discuss future plans in depth.
  3. It's good to see these regional meets, looks like you all had fun. I can vouch for Quinney's rig sounding superb, if I'm not mistaken, I used it once or twice before..... http://www.dancemix.co.uk/Gallery_files/DSCF0005_2.jpg
  4. Spot on Marc.... So true... You may also want to get some basics from here.
  5. Why do you want to fill it with anything? If everything is there that you need, why add more? Or are you in the market of PIMP MY RACK?!!
  6. Absolutely possible, by loading an unknown CDR or device into your PC you are open to the elements. We saw this happen at a SEDA Show Night a few years ago - DJ A said 'here play this, DJ B's machine went down and had to be rebuilt. Too high a risk IMO for a mission critical function, I think all you PC DJ's are very brave people. I believe that the risk is tiny or non existent if you do this to DJ hardware, as the virus would have to be specifically targetted to that device, and I think this is probably a non-starter in the first place. Gary, thanks for the info, something I had not t
  7. I'm no expert here, but it sounds like you need to try a powered hub first, can you borrow one? The spec for USB power is quite low, not many ext hard disks work. And surely, the OS on the hd2500 doesn't get affected by fragmented (if indeed they are) hard disks?
  8. :bouncy: I know what you mean, I rarely play up to date music for a party. Eurovision.. :fright:
  9. Well we are in a great big melting pot, and I welcome it wholeheartedly. I have not noticed this could be on the increase, but I have not been monitoring this, although I guess that the ease of travel helps this 'trend'. It does make the job more interesting and fun. Being exposed to other cultures, ways of thinking etc.. is fascinating. As an aside, one thing which is quite noticeable at all these gigs is the way the crowd don't drown in alcohol to have fun, so everything is also good natured. Getting to hear new music is also great.
  10. Well that was then, now I drive a white van!
  11. It may come as a surprise to you that I do also play the music that people like to dance to - thankfully there is so much more good music to chose from, and in 26 years of DJing, no one has asked me to play this. I was also expressing a personal opinion. If a client asks me to play this drivel :fan: , I'll grit my teeth, smile, and play it :mikee: . Until then, :moon:
  12. The Gemini iKey is best avoided at any cost.
  13. What a load of tripe, you'll be telling us how Renee and Renata - Save your love is good and works well at certain functions soon :bouncy:
  14. I have all my albums bunched together in Slappa cases in genre types, this enables me to browse for music very effectively. Same with CD singles, and I also have a club Slappa which has all my club essentials separately for those nights :joe: I am dreading the impending switch to digital as I feel the browsing experience which is so central to what I do will be compromised. I guess I have a photographic memory of my tunes, and this is not (yet) possible with digital DJing. I love the feel of the new media players such as the DH-HD2500, but don't visualise the tune lists.
  15. You use cpanel for uploading, so you should be able to use cpanel to edit individual pages...
  16. Congratulations! As you suspect, your life has now changed. BIG TIME!!!! Look after mum, she's going to need a lot more help than you think. This little bundle of joy will rule your lives from now on. By the way, is that you holding Charlotte? Look at that shirt :omg:
  17. Yes Pioneer is pricey... Well, now you are a member, there's even more reason to join us on 16th March to see what it's like!!!
  18. This baby will be demo'd at the SEDA ShowNight on 16th March 2008: http://www.seda.org.uk/images/mep7000web.jpg From Pioneer: Coming soon (April): our new MEP-7000 multi-entertainment player and controller, especially for the mobile DJ and bar market. The MEP-7000 offers a flexible high quality solution specifically with digital music in mind, being compact and easily to transport, yet inheriting the basic functions and features of our popular CDJ series CD Decks. The MEP-7000 enables your to play MP3/AAC files stored on various memory formats, along with playback of music f
  19. Talk to Ian Barber on Sunday, he made me some amazing ones!
  20. SEDA Show Night - 20th January 2008, 7:30pm, Village Hotel, Maidstone All are welcome, bring friends!!! Castle View Forstal Road Sandling, Maidstone, Kent ME14 3AQ * Glosticks UK * Denon * Demonstration of The Video Pool’s monthly DVD * SEDAshop * SEDA Member’s 2nd hand table – bring ‘n’ buy * New Members Show * American DJ - launching new products in the UK * Numark * Computer DJ - JonPaul Wright & team * Sensorcom Hearing Protection products * SEDA Members Photoshoot - Chris Ansell * Nelly B's promo c
  21. I think she does deserve it, she is an icon and a fantastic role model which a lot of people will get inspiration from when trying to recover from their cancer. Anyway, we're going to see her at the O2 in August, should be fun...
  22. ooooooooo :flirt: look forward to that then...
  23. I believe you are limited to 4Gb due to the filesystem format on this device. Having played with it, it's a great little device considering it's less than £200. Uncomplicated, easy to use, cheap - will sell very well. I may get one as a backup.
  24. Yes I got drawn into that lane by my tom tom on the way back, luckily no traffic :fear: Clive, many thanks, great show. I found this notice very amusing - LOL! I've airbrushed the subject to protect their privacy :bouncy:
  25. Eeeeaaaassyyyy.... That's what loops are made for! Ideal for tracks like this which used a drummer who cannot keep time! Just loop the 4 beats before the bassline kicks in, do your mix, drop the loop et voila, job's a goodun!
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