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  1. child in correct type of seat with belt on is ok in the front of a van... and legal.. however it might be wise to disable the airbag on the passanger side for some types of child seat... In order to protect the integrity of this forum, and the industry reputation, this member has been banned from the forum for his abusive comments, the type of which will not be tolerated here under any circumstances.
  2. take a look at JBL PRX and the EV Zx 5a's and the subs to go with them.. the PRX use light digital amps from crown...
  3. budda bar.. cafe noir blue room playboy mansion soul heaven
  4. yes, plug the new drive in select format and go make a cup of tea while it sorts its self out...
  5. you need a 2.5" IDE drive, no bigger than 120gb and not SATA... 5400rpm is ideal fater drives just get hot, slower drives lag.. any make of drive can fail, but don't listen to all the rubbish that people talk. Go for a brand name, seagate, westen digital, maxtor, samsung..... make sure it comes with a decent warranty...
  6. I mix anything and everything that will mix.. Its not needed at most gigs but just helps keep things going. It also keeps the job interesting
  7. Club in west end tonight Club in shepards bush london saturday sunday in bed monday back to the club in the west end
  8. Having a party a few days before my birthday at the club I play my friday nights in.. All the Houseproud DJs will be along to play a set and it should be a wicked night of serious dance music.. 2 rooms of music (deano will be upstairs playing cheese for them who dont like house) VIP drinks in the VIP room for all forum members who want to come + your guests.. and lots of dancing from 10pm when the club opens email me names of the people coming so I can put them on the guest list.. marc@disco-man.co.uk
  9. Along the canal behind paddington station they have redone all the bars and resturants and its quite nice there early evening when all the totty leaves work and piles over to the pub.. however your in london and a one day travel card will get you all over the place for less than £6 and you can eat any thing you fancy really... when are you coming because I have a party in the west end on the 28th...
  10. try them all hands on with your software... but for serious DJ use then look at the Denon HC4500 / DN-S1200 / DN-S5000 / HD2500 or Pioneer MEP-7000 or CDJ-400 last... all have MIDI control for software and some offer other cool stuff too...
  11. more than likly its getting hot due to having a load on the end it cant cope with ... how you got your speakers wired up ? what amp is it ? what speakers are they ? tell us more and we shall let you know..
  12. To be realistic about this, taking a Track and messing with is what club DJs have been doing with dance music for years... the problem is your wording here.. you wont own anything apart from a licence to listen to that music.. you never do own the muisc.. only the record company or copyright holder own the muisc... But as far as a re edit or mash up goes.. do what you like but dont share it arround
  13. erm... that would be illigal and a big no no when will you guys learn that this practice kills the music industry and is the main reason I can't get cd singles in my local HMV...
  14. Think it was out on positiva ....
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