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  1. Next election-kick em out! With GB in charge it's only going to get worse. Mind you is there an alternative?
  2. cookiecat


    Mmmm, just had a quick look at a pic of your mixer,there is no auto fade! Why the level of music should decrease when you speak baffles me. When you spoke what did you do?Did you lower the ch volume or the master?
  3. cookiecat


    Turn down your auto fade this will keep your music level up.During your sound check have your levels set at the max you will be using then bring it back.As for the cd skipping,one of those things.
  4. I must be missing something.5 1/2 grand to spend for a one of in a village hall? Hire fatboy slim and let him worry about the sound. You have went from spending a few hundred to a few thousand! Something fishy here.
  5. 40'x60' venue. I would say 1000w rms would be more than enough. In a village hall the acoustics are going to be terrible anyway.IMHO if you get any louder it will just make matters worse. Is there a sound limiter at the venue?
  6. Kayleigh-Marillion(lead singer is Fish)
  7. Touche (readers put your own "grave" above the "e").
  8. Paul,as a purely selfless act on my behalf,email me all your info(PINs,usernames,passwords,credit card numbers etc).I will look after them for you.When you need one simply email me and I will tell you. My email address will be........ livingitup@yourexpense.com tongue out icon :dan: :ab
  9. The reasoning behind changing the clock is so that TV weather forecasters can smugly tell you to "not forget to turn your clock back 1 hour" They only get to be right about things twice a year so if we were to stop putting the clocks back they would be wrong 100% of the time! In short it's a Met Office conspiracy :scared:
  10. cookiecat

    The Music Game

    Good Heavens :scared: :fear: :yuck: ;thumbdown: Wild Thing-The Troggs
  11. cookiecat

    The Music Game

    Pet Shop Boys- It's a s In
  12. cookiecat

    If England Win

    They should have used "pray"
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