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  1. Will you be using VDJ for a hobby or actually to DJ with to paying customers? If it is a hobby, then understandable that you'd think it's expensive, however if it's to actually DJ for paying customers, then £220 is peanuts. I own the Denon HD2500 and am thinking of either getting a Pioneer MEP7000 or another HD2500 for backup - either of which will cost me more than £220 (more than double in the form of the Pioneer) but I use it week in, week out so over the course of 3 years, it pays for itself constantly......
  2. My active speakers weighed 29kg and were excellent. But, as I'm not getting any younger, I sold them after 5years and bought some new 12" EVs. 1000 watts and only 16kg each.
  3. Strangely, I always play a fast track once the required number of slow dances has been completed, and it is generally always Phil Collins and You Cant Hurry Love. Rarely fails as is instantly recogniseable, fast and "beaty" at 196ish.
  4. Welcome! I worked in Ibiza for 5 years... Am always asked back whenever I visit on holiday, but did have too much of a good thing.......
  5. I own the Maxx 6as and I love em.. Mine are 900watts and 29kgs, but are about 5 years old.... Well worth the money in my opinion as a great speaker system that has never let me down..
  6. Mine went well, even though there were very few in attendance (most put off by the weather). So I have 35-40 people, but they had a good time and the landlady was happy so thats the main thing!
  7. Tonsk

    Waltzes And Things

    For Waltzes - of proper tempo, try Victor Sylvestrie - There are others, like the Strictly Come Dancing CD which has more well known tracks that can be used for these types of dancing but some die harders don't like em. Also, watch Strictly on Catch Up and write down which songs they use... Sometimes helps out of sticky stuff!!
  8. Tonsk


    I too use tunechecker, and when Tunetribe have it, download it from there. Quality is fine and, unlike stupid amazon, the files are not variable bit rate.
  9. I'll swap you my FBT Maxx 6a's, 900watt powered - for your Bose!
  10. Tonsk

    Need Help!

    Make sure you have the Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen and Anarchy In The UK, both Punk Classic must plays!
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! I may paint what I have, but I think I may go for the Behringers.. I have an older Behringer and it's quite good. If demands strips out for White then I will repaint my FBTs and get a couple of SRM450s in black for the black setup... Thanks again!
  12. As some already do, I am thinking of getting a White S&H booth and making a white setup. But does anyone know of white speakers? Proper speakers, not monitors?
  13. I got a pair of FBT Maxx 6a speakers secondhand, costing £900. 900watts and only 29kgs. Only speakers I ever take to all my gigs....
  14. Anyone know the best place to buy something like this? Just realised I need it for Saturday so any recommendations? Theres a guy on eBay, but I want to know it'll definately get here. Thankin you!
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