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  1. mbuk47

    Acme Puma

    Thank you got one all sorted :photo:
  2. mbuk47

    Acme Puma

    hi all I have brought 2 Acme Puma Disco lights, the lights work fine, but we would like to set them to work has a pair, does anyone know what dip switch settings are for this. or have a link to where we can download the user manual please. Thank you al
  3. mbuk47

    Light help

    Thank you all for your time now sorted cheers paul
  4. mbuk47

    Light help

    Hi all Been givin a couple off Abstract lights & the colour wheels are missing the coloured see through glass, i have tried coloured gel but they get to hot, does anyone know where i can buy the glass or any other info, or any one got a old light they what to get rid of that I can buy the glass. cheers Paul
  5. mbuk47

    amp help

    stiil the same with all cables unpluged http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/wallbash.gif
  6. mbuk47

    amp help

    Hi all got a PSL ve 800 power amp, failed to work last night fault light on, any one got any service info at all please or any help. cheers matt
  7. Hi all just been given a SoundLAB dmx 54 channel unit, has any one got a copy of the full user manual they could let me have at all please. thank you paul MBUK DISCO
  8. mbuk47


    I am trying to find a copy of cu ma la be stay by chubby checker. Need it for a 60's 70's northern soul night can any one help me please thank you all paul
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