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  1. Hi there, I'm new to DMX, and have set up a controller and two scanners in what I think is the correct arrangement, however when I power on everything, the scanners self-test, then go to the centre, without even a lamp on (The lamp powers on but the shutter is on blackout, so I dont get anything.) Im using the basic Soundlab DMX controller, G018WA, and want the scanners to be on Projectors 1 and 2 (Channels 1 and 7) So I've set up Scanner One with just Dip Switch 1 on and the rest off, and Scanner Two with Dip Switches 1, 2 and 3 on, and the rest off. I believe this gives me channels
  2. One quick question about DMX - Consider this scenario I have two scanners, but they don't have the facility to invert pan and tilt on the second one, so I've assigned them to two seperate addresses. I want them both doing different things, but at the same time. How do I go about inputting that into the controller? From how I see it at the moment, while I'm programming one of them, the other will presumably sit in blackout. Is it possible to go back to that sequence and add the other "layer" on top of it, or do you program it as a seperate show and run both as once... or....? 'm new to
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for the suggestions so far - The two scanners are Skytec "DMX DJ Scan 250"s. I'll be adding two Datamoons to these next year. The scanners dont have any sound activation, hence the need for a simple desk! So Im looking for one that will let me create a few different sequences that I can store.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to DMX, and basically I have two 4 channel DMX scanners, and I'm looking for a fairly simple controller to program simple shows with. I'm quite hands-on, so it would be nice to have one with a few buttons on, so I dont have to access things through pages and pages of LED numbers! (It just confuses me!) Eventually I'm looking at getting 2 more effects to add to them, but generally I'm just looking to program no more than 4 units rather than a chain of 20! But I haven't yet come across a controller that dosen't cost under 100 quid! They all seem to have hundr
  5. Hi there, I recently purchased a Martin Magum 1200 smoke machine, and I'm having a few problems with it. I'm not sure whether it is clogged, or something is failing, and I was hoping somebody could shed some light on it! The unit powers on, and heats up fine. When the green light comes on, the pump makes loud noises, but only a very small amount of fog is produced. The increases *very* slowly, as the machine gets used more. I'm cleaning it out as we speak, but I get the feeling for some reason, that this isn't going to solve the issue... I realise it's an old machine (I have no ide
  6. Hi, I'm new here so I thought I'd say hello! I joined here in an attempt to 'update' my knowledge on lighting equipment, etc! I used to work for a theatre, for about 7 years, operating their fairly ancient Strand lighting board, so I have little/no experience with DMX, which to me, is something I want to get into! I'm having fun reading all of the older posts, bring me back up to date! A community like this is always useful, especially for people like me! Regards, Tim
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