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  1. Over a year since last check in. Had to reenable my account Happy 2019!
  2. Damm it takes me too long to come by again. Thank you for keeping the site up Chris. I have approved occasional posts but it is just fun to read back. You are right tech has changed but the challenges remain the same - the 50 pound cowboy - the illegal music etc etc There is always a place for a professional.
  3. Chris - not seen you on here for years and years - yet the forum keeps up on the web Hope things are ok. Im also not djing anymore. Stopped commercially in 2012. Just putting my remaining speakers on eBay as I have used them to support a pop up cinema and that is no longer required. Keeping the denons. One day I will learn to mix. Its a dream I have 😁
  4. So how have 12 years treated you? Still the same avatar? Mine is and that hound is now 12 yrs old Think I must have missed the long downtime
  5. No one left here No one logging in Check out the websites of the moderating team - none left Ditto top posters in the main A lament on the state of ........................ .......... glad i retired (mostly)
  6. I have never had a revo 4 - but have used the impossibled. had a pair of them - my only advice would be to have a basic ca8 controller for them. Without they can get a bit "frantic" Jools
  7. Hi all. for one night only I am returning to the stage for new years eve. having sold the bose poles (and bought carpet) which i fear i will miss greatly - i now need some sound for one night only. anyone got any experience of the proel active flash speakers ? thanks Jools
  8. if you have already built some then you are probably a couple of steps ahead. i would think about stability - front of show always a potential impact point depth - if you are still using real bulbs they kick out heat - keep the perspex far enough away protection - protect your corners and edges - clip together for transport. last lot I built - many many moons ago I used marine ply. Very stable structure - can take the knocks, the damp - a pint etc.
  9. pair of data moons - very very good - useable in almost any type of gig. i also had a couple of impossibled. light, cheap and good room fillers - if a bit dull.
  10. in this situation doesnt the insurance pay out third party ? IE his claim is ignored cos he is drunk in charge, innocent still protected ? And how is the 330d ? estate ? always wanted one.......
  11. There have been a few other topics like this - have a search but to add my 2p worth. I used to use those chart hits that are never dancy (sugar babes are notable for some of their output) Plus the daily mail went through a phase of free CD's with this sort of music on..... easy middle of the road, still well known. Regularly available in charity shops where of course they are not for resale :-)
  12. Sorry to hear that - and you never seem to get fair value for a car written off......... I would say that there was a time in the early 80's that a volvo would survive an accident like that. Family friend borrowed the parents 240DL - hit a row of parked cars and wrote off three - the volvo surviving to fight another day Would also add my father in law has a 2000 V70 in black with all the trimmings, driven it once and love it, definately have my eye on it.
  13. Certain songs that have a first line that just stick with you........an opening, a name that tune.....Normally only just related to the song. The line that gives you time to turn up the radio....... Personal faves - The Air attack warning sounds like - this is the sound (FGTH - Two Tribes) This is Radio Freedom (KLF - 3AM Eternal) God (Madge - Like a Prayer) Have to say - they all seem spoken.....and i am showing my age here :-) Anyone got ones that set them going ?
  14. i always wanted a D2 - how are you finding it ?
  15. i used to have some wharefale pro lix 15's and i loved them to pieces. Big ply cabinets - good bass and a really warm sound. But oh so heavy - and needed all the boot space almost on their own :-)
  16. god bless google http://www.amiright.com/real/productartist/ though i would add Prince in a Paupers Grave - Carter USM Jonnie Walker.
  17. depending on location - i often finished with Country Roads - the Hermes House Band version. good and upbeat....
  18. The person paying the cheque - who is normally B&G is always right - i have a had a couple that did lead balloon - and a couple where they really knew their guests as well. Dan - I once told the guests - its the Brides playlist, I'm really sorry - and ended up with a crying bride (and angry groom) next to me 4 soungs later after alot of people had asked them to change. After that "moment" i now take the comments and criticism alike and say over and over again "I havent got it with me" despite the obvious number of cd's laying about. This is followed by the "can i have a look
  19. my english isnt the best is it ???? I am taking down my own website - so will no longer be able to link back to DJU. I am sure there is something in forum rules about having DJU banner and link on your own site if you wish to display your own website in your signature on DJU ??? This bit from the forum rules......
  20. Just updated mine - first time i have visited that section in a while. Taken off my signature as website will be taken down soon so i have no way of linking back (Forum Rules) and updated my status etc........ Most depressing bit - I am in the next age group up now.......... how did this happen!!!!!
  21. good quality suit - and shirt no tie can work relaxed yet professional. also depends - i am more confortable without a tie - yet still smart in suit - so i come across the best. put me in a tie it feels like an interview......
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