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  1. I'm assuming that this JBL rig is 2 stacks (2 tops, 2 subs) In my opinion, if it is required to do the whole room and not just a focussed area on a dancefloor then imo you simply don't have enough speakers to get the coverage. If you look on the picture you can see that they have 2 mid tops per side. you'll need this to cover the centre and project towards the rear of the room. The difference between 6k and 4k of amps will be minimal in terms of output when spread over just 4 cabs. Adding 8 more cabs on the same amps would have more effect. There is no such thing.
  2. Bear in mind none of these cheap 'hazers' are real hazers, they're just a small smoke machine with a fan fitted, which means all of the noise associated with smoke machines. They may also have a duty cycle on them so you won't get a constant light haze anyway. If you already have a smoke machine have you tried diluting the fluid and using a fan with it to disperse the smoke straight from the nozzle? It's basically the same effect.
  3. Your lights will not work in stand alone mode with other lights from different manufacturers unless you're VERY lucky. The DMX channels will patch completely differently from one head to the next. Additionally, some of the Abstract heads have their DMX sockets wired with pins 2 and 3 reversed so you'll need to make up a crossover cable or buy a phase reverse adaptor in order to use them in a regular DMX chain. I think you probably need to get an understanding of how DMX works and common programming concepts before the desk will make any sense to you. Chases, cues, cue stacks, playbacks,
  4. If the head will not be needed to move around much then a simple box with an aperture to shine out of it should suffice. Although not waterproof, you'd be surprised how much water can get on a mover before anything goes wrong. The heat of the lamp will serve to burn off small amount of moisture, but if you're expecting a downpour then a full cover is recommended. this summer has been a real test of some of my kit at festivals, given the weather we've had. I even had a Robe scanner that filled halfway up with water (INSIDE a tent) before shorting across the lamp pins and tripping electr
  5. As you've already cited the Void B12 in one section, have you not considered a full Basys setup under the finance option? They also do a bigger setup now with a 15" mid, called the Viper (or Vyper, not sure what it finally got released as.
  6. You might be interested in some threads from a forum I moderate called speakerplans.com The one below is a pictoral build of the Omni cabs. Insomnia is a great chippy, and might well be able to build them for less than it would cost for materials and tooling if you don't own it already. Of course you may well be getting the fun from the build itself, in which case enjoy!! :) http://www.speakerplans.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=12372 There are also some threads where the Omni has been tested from a scientific viewpoint, as Bill's claims on his website are fairly hotly contest
  7. There's a guy on enay that sells a range of audio adaptors, including phase reverse adaptors. they're about £3 if i remember rightly.
  8. The cable grips are very poorly mounted, and it can be a bit of a bind getting the board out of the front to gain access. If you cut off the plug you invalidate the warranty. CPC do a euro to uk plug adaptor which fits over the existing plug. Don't buy the ones on the Thomann site, they're for a shucko plug and don't fit.
  9. Drives are normally sized based on 1GB = 1000mb and 1mb = 1000Kb Whereas in reality 1GB = 1024mb and 1mb = 1024Kb So a formatted hard drive of 120gb has an actual size of roughly 111gb, depending on file system used. Have you tried incrementally copying the data to the new machine? Windows sometimes doesn't like large file constructs, especially over a network. I'd break it down into smaller groups of folders and try again. Have you checked in disk management to see the size of the partitions and any free space left over? Right click my computer and click manage, then disk m
  10. Outlook has but i don't think Outlook Express does. However if you go and search the Microsoft knowledge base you'll find a range of articles that tell you all of the files that need to be saved and copied (and probably included as part of a backup plan on the new machine)
  11. RTFM? http://www.behringer.com/LC2412/index.cfm?lang=eng
  12. Musicguard (DJGuard) can do £2mill + £1000 cover for £76 https://www.pavilioninsurance.com/secure/qu...J&promCode=
  13. My other half is Danish but she's away visiting her folks at the moment. I'll ask her about it when she gets back (women always know about these things.....)
  14. I think its most likely a DMX IN problem. The issue is being taken care of on Blue Room too.....
  15. You have to use somewhere like imageshack to host your image then link to it. the forum doesn't support hosting pictures. You use the insert image button and paste the url of your image.
  16. Are you sure you have 2 sets of dip switches. Every piece of literature i can find says that its a single set that has different functions depending on if its in DMX mode (e.g. DMX connected) Is this the manual you have? http://www.skytronic.co.uk/support/manuals.php Perhaps if you take a photo of the back panel it will help us. As far as i can see, is you need to have dipswitch 1 on and everything else off if the head you wish to control is on channel 1. The SC-1 manual even has details of what dip settings you need to select for up to 4 heads. http://www.skytron
  17. I think the big difference is in R&D costs too. EV developed the moulded cab, everyone else copied. I think there is a wider issue here, that if the pioneering firms go bust, there will be nothing to copy, and development stops. There is a chinese firm making copies of the Funktion 1 dance stack, the problem is, its just a lookey-likey, not a soundey-likey. the phase plugs are all wrong and don't fit the drivers correctly, drivers are not matched to cabs, etc but people buy it because of the look. Have a look at this webite and see how many name brand products from high end ma
  18. If they're the original blue ones then they're the samew as the Acme Rover, you can download the manual from the Prolight website. Dipswitch 10 does indeed reverse the tilt channel, but only in stand alone mode. If they're the Insignia 2.0 then give it a try, even though the manual says nothing about it. I'd be surprised if they've changed the electronics since the first ones. you certainly won't break anything.
  19. One of the issues overlooked by mobile jocks is the resale value. They buy cheap to save money and end up with valueless speakers at the end. If you are running a proper business you are better off buying kit which will have residual value at the end of 3/4 years once its been written off, and then re-investing in another brand with good residual values. Old Funktion 1, Turbosound, Martin Audio, EV, etc stuff from many years ago still fetches silly money because people know its kit worth owning. I'd hazard that you could buy a pair of Nexo PS15's with a controller 2nd hand this yea
  20. Always transport cannons face down, that way stresses on the lamp holder are kept to a minimum. Most events i do use a lot of UV and I've yet to break a cannon lamp.
  21. I'm not sure i agree with Gary about Pioneer being light on features, purley because 'features' are a poor way to judge a mixer imho. Good sound, solid build, reliability and layout/ease of use are up there on my list, as well as being rider friendly for my hire market. I've got a 7 year old DJM600 which had its first replacement x-fader this year and is a rental mixer for big dance events hosting international artists of the techno variety. It's a great product. The Berry 700 isn't i'm afraid. I'm not a Behringer hater, i have a large amount of Berry gear in my live front of hous
  22. The reason why the Stairville's don't do single flash is because they're cheap and it would cost more to build them with a re-trigger on the flash rate rather than just have it running.
  23. I was using both Stairville 1500 and Martin Atomics on a festival stage this weekend, the Martins' clock is re-triggered by the rate channel, the Stairville doesn't. The best you could hope for is to set the rate to blinder and trigger the intensity for a very short period. Having a desk that'll allow individual timings for cues in a stack (or steps in a chase depending on your terminology) should do the trick. I think i see your problem, you're looking for a very polished 'Windows' looking piece of software - however DMX (and running lighting) doesn't need it or require
  24. Bear in mind that most flightcase manufacturers actually build to order rather than keep a stock, so it shouldn't cost any more to give them the dimensions you need and let them build you some. they'll then have the pattern for the next time someone asks so shouldn't charge for the design.
  25. Yeah, its worth pointing out that if you're running the light show, you won't have time to be DJing as well. I use Chamsys because i provide PA and lighting services, and when we go on a job to do lights, we do just that - all night.
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