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  1. Hi all, not sure what section to put this in so here it is. My brother wants to hire a disco PA, can anyone recommend a good hire shop in St Helens/Wigan area? He is looking for around a 600-800W power amp and 2 speakers. I have lent him the rest of the kit. Thanks, Dave.
  2. My mistake, the green light turns red when it is peaking. I thought the green light on was a problem. I did the party and they were fine.
  3. Yes, they sound good (at home), I am using them tonight for the 1st time. Silly question Bouncy, the manual says don't have the green light on at the back, is that right? They sound ok with it on.
  4. I went for the JBL's, the price difference was the deciding factor. The 10s should be plenty for my small gigs. I will report on them once I have used them. Dave.
  5. Hi there, would anyone like to help me decide what powered speakers to buy - and I need to order them today if possible! The scenario is - I have taken a booking for this Friday and need a pair of speakers. I sold my old ones and had planned to look for some new ones in January. Hiring is not an option as I am going on holiday - straight from the gig, I couldn't let them down - the client I mean, not my family! I have got a sub so just need small tops. Options are: Mackie SRM450 at £750 a pair Mackie SRM350 V1 at £570 a pair (cheap as now discontinued) JBL Eon10 G2 a
  6. I have seen a few stores advertising Db Technologies Opera "Lyric" speakers. Are these a new range?
  7. Figuratively speaking. There was no formal contract - unfortunately! There was a 3rd option which I nearly tried, claiming that I had to go and collect my girlfriend from work at 11.30pm, or some other excuse which meant I could not do the hour there and then. I think the guy was geniunely shocked that I said no freebie, he alluded that it had never happened before in his old job....
  8. Just to clarify, this scenario happened a while ago - I just wrote it in the present tense - sorry! I will reveal what I did then, and whether it was the right thing I will never know.... The guy was new and I didn't want to be his "bitch" so I thought I would stand my ground. I said I would do it for an extra hour's money. He seemed taken aback, offended even. At that precise moment I knew I would not be DJing there much longer. But he said OK and I stayed out of his way for the rest of the night. The following Monday he emailed me and said he would pay me as agreed but I was t
  9. Following on from the 'Would You Walk' thread, here is an interesting scenario which happened to me recently. I won't tell you the outcome, I would like to know what you would have done first! I am contracted to do a local nightclub. 12-3am, been doing it for a while no problems. More recently I have been filling in for someone 10-11pm in a different room of the club, so I twiddle my thumbs between 11-12am as the room I usually do only opens at 12. There have been rumours of a change in management and sure enough a new guy comes in. I have never met him before and he comes up at abou
  10. Dave80s

    Wedding Playlist

    The playlist looks okay, some good tunes in there. I would be more concerned about the times, things never go to plan. I'm sure we have all had the problem of when the 1st dance is lined up in the CD player, the bride nowhere to be seen, so you eject it, stick something else on to fill the gap then they show up 10 seconds after.... If you look at it another way, who is gonna be checking? I would drop in a few party favourites, if in the remote chance the groom noticed and complained, I would say the CD skipped so I just put another on quickly to keep the party going, or something li
  11. Fair point. They are guaranteed though, for 3 years I guess if it is Thomann - the web page says 'fully guaranteed'. Could be hassle sending them back all the time.
  12. Perhaps Mr P would prefer a more helpful post. He has said he wants SRM450's - reading between the lines he probably cannot quite afford them. So telling him to "get them" without giving a reason to discount the Tapco's is no use. If you have experience of them, please explain. Mr P, do you mean the TH-15's - if so I have not seen them myself, but from the specs it looks like they are not as powerful as the SRM450, only 150/50W. They are £150 cheaper each though.
  13. Peavey Hisys 1 Speakers and C-Audio ST400 Amp for sale, see my ebay auctions. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:IT&ih=008 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:IT&ih=008
  14. Thanks folks, I didn't buy them in the end. They sold for £410 on ebay. Too much of an unknown quantity to gamble, the guy didn't know how old they were either. I noticed that Thomann have got SRM450's refurbished at £307, 12 month guarantee.
  15. "I use bass bins everywhere regardless of venue size" "it drives the party along and makes people want to dance and even old people like bass as its not in the least offensive like top end can be." Totally agree with Andy's comment. Interesting about the PLASA guidelines, never heard that before. They are in the business of selling 'watts', but to be fair 1.2k sounds about right for 200 people. I currently use 2 x 350W RMS cabs and a 300W RMS sub. If doing a party for 250-300 guests, I think you would be safe with a 1.2k rig, not all 300 guests will be up dancing at once.
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