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  1. I need to hire one, not charge the client. I have only got a wired mic.
  2. Good point, I was going to charge less for my 'downtime' i.e. not DJing when the bands are on, but I think a flat hourly rate no matter what is a better idea and I will do the compering for free. More chance of securing the gig that way as well, as they will probably be inclined to book a DJ who could do the compering. On a separate point, what is a fair price for 1 days radio mic hire, as I may hire one in so I am not stuck behind the decks waiting for the bands to start and finish.
  3. Hi there, I would like a bit of advice regarding how much extra to charge a client to compere an event. It is an all dayer and they are paying me to be there from start to finish, and DJ inbetween bands and at the end. Originally they were going to pay for a compere but then asked if I would do it. So bearing in mind I will be there anyway, what you you charge? And out of interest, how much does a compere usually command - per hour/or for say, 6 hours.
  4. How can you overdrive powered speakers? Are they not designed to run at optimum range?
  5. Hi, my old Peavey Hisys 1s are looking a bit tired externally and I want to get them refurbished. They still sound good, I just want to update them visually as the carpet is worn and the grilles are scratched - they are the ones with the green trim (mid 90s?). So what would you do? I see 3 options. Get them recovered - how or where I have no idea, do companies specialise in this? Can you buy new grilles? Any suggestions welcome. Buy some cheapo Peavey speakers, Messenger or something and put the black widow drivers into them. Buy some new speakers! I could go powered a
  6. This has happened to me - quite a few times, also at a Student Union venue. I have worked there for 12 years and noticed a change in the "clientele" over the years, dumbing down Britain I would say! Some of the attitude of these snotty Uni kids today is shocking, it used to be the rugby club types or similar would cause a bit of high jinks, but the line was never crossed, no problem with a bit of fun and games - all adding to the atmosphere. Nowadays it is binge drink central, fights, attitude etc. Maybe I didn't notice it so much as I used to get drunk down there myself. At
  7. this page has some useful info. http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/roadsafety/speed.../vanspeedlimits
  8. Looks like the Musicians Union is the best value at £144 because of all the other benefits, if you earn under the £15k threshold. However I had already taken out the JLT £1m PLI policy (stupid I know, but bear with me) - so I emailed them explaining that I could cancel with them, pay the £25 admin charge and take out the MU policy and it would still work out cheaper than paying them £208. Can they do better? To their credit they replied informing me that if I took out a "DJGuard" insurance policy with optional £5m PLI (sounds like what James has got) then the cover is only £135! And
  9. I found that "Nightclub DJ" was cheaper than "Mobile Disco".
  10. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Most schools specify £5m minimum, so that is what I have to get.
  11. Is that for £5 million of cover? E&L website says max £1.25m but if it is £5m, that is a good deal!
  12. Hi, I got a quote from JLT/Liability Guard for my PLI and it came out at £209 for £5 million of cover. Is this still the best deal around? I noticed that joining the Musicians Union gets you £10 million of cover and for me it would only be £144. As I am already with JLT I told them this and they said they have a "double the difference" guarantee, but you have to forward the other companies quote, policy terms and conditions. I had a look on the MU website and there are no policy documents or anything. Does anyone know who provides the cover, or have a pdf of their documents? Sec
  13. Hi there, anyone got any thoughts on the topic? Me and my mate sometimes work as a duo, taking turns as it can be a laugh, bit of company etc. The pros of it are that we are different characters, he is great on the mic and a show off (in a good way). I am better at the boring stuff like maintaining equipment and getting us to the venue on time! So we complement each other (maybe we should get married). The cons are obviously the money is split 2 ways! We are both competent and experienced and have done loads of gigs solo. I suppose the question is can it be commercially viable t
  14. I am just taking one out at the moment, slowly reducing the amount of records used.
  15. Dave80s

    Crazy Horses

    There is a Utah Saints remix of Crazy Horses. Quite good - not new, a few years old.
  16. Alright chaps, I could do with a bit of advice. I'm sure some of you will be familiar with this scenario. A new manager comes into the venue and wants to change things. He has started questioning this and that and I can see what is coming, he is gonna get rid of me and the other lads and bring in his own DJs. Now I think ce la vie, just let it go - but one of the lads doesn't want to go without a fight. We are all self employed and have no written contract, but I'm sure I read somewhere that a contract does not have to be in writing, just verbal or implied. So if you did, say 1
  17. "Does anyone play 'Jackie Wilson Said'?" only on darts nights.
  18. Well Ray Davies must like it as he still plays it live - heard it on radio 2 last week.
  19. There is a shorter version of 'Somebody else's guy' if you felt it was too long. The 7" mix I suppose you would call it! Intro wise I just talk over if it is a long one.
  20. How much would you spend per child?
  21. If you need the car for the day job then an estate or people carrier is probably a better bet than a van, which would be no frills. A van would be cheaper to buy though, up to you really. A diesel will cost more to buy but return better mpg, you should be able to work out which is the best way to go from the mileage you are doing. If 30k, sounds like a diesel will be a better bet. Although be warned at this price it will be like an old taxi. Why must the car have less than 120k? Buy on condition, something that has been up and down the motorway for 5 years will be less worn out than
  22. I think most of the info the website is claiming to help you with you could get for free on here. If you want a good guidebook then go out and buy "How To DJ Properly" by Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster. Search for it on ebay, amazon or hmv.
  23. I would rather play this than cha cha slide. my prediction: xmas number 2
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