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  1. evening folks, well it is time for me to get a new amp as my old one has expired (Peavey CS800s) and I am wondering whether to go for a powered speaker setup, as my old Peavey Hysis 1s are looking a bit tired. I am ignorant to this type of thing so maybe you lot can help! As the title says, what are the pros and cons of a powered setup?
  2. anything goes I say. If it is extreme I usually knock the percentage up or down a bit towards normal once the mix is completed.
  3. the radio 1 playlist page has release dates. also HMV.co.uk has release dates in the singles section, and there is a 'coming soon' tab.
  4. it ain't that bad the track, not the website.
  5. Thanks, looks like I have got a bit of reading to do! One quick question, where do agents stand on the holiday pay issue? Do you have to pay your DJs proportionately?
  6. Hi there, the ents manager at my regular venue has made a few changes, and the long and short of it is that I am considering becoming an agent. - the plan being that I supply DJs, pay them and invoice him. Any agents on here? The organising of the nights and personnel is sorted, just the business side needs looking at. How difficult would this be, any pitfalls from a business point of view? If you are paying a DJ, do you have a responsibility to ensure that they pay tax on the earnings?
  7. has anyone on here ever been 'claimed' against? If so what happened?
  8. I had a great night apart from some idiot crashing into the equipment on his way out of the venue, and killing the power at about 12.15am. Must have been off for only a minute but it felt longer! I traced the fault and started the song again (Whitney - Dance With Somebody) to a big cheer, and a few wisecracks on the mic later, all was well. End of the night got quite a few people saying they had a great time. The chap who bashed into the equipment was one of those people who can't wait to leave after 12am on NYE (I have even done it myself in past years!). He was the sort of person
  9. Hi there can anyone help me with this tricky part of my self assessment. I sold my car in the last tax year and bought a new one, so have I got the calculation right for self assessment purposes? Car bought for £4400 (in the previous tax year) so I wrote down 25% of the value = £1100 So £3300 carried forward (£4400 minus £1100) Now this tax year I have sold it for £2100 therefore £3300 minus £2100 = £1200 as an expense. Sound right so far? Now I have bought another car for £9100, so writing down 25% of that is £2275. Therefore this year I am claiming £3475 (w
  10. Hi, I am wondering what to do at midnight this year on NYE, I have seen some topics on here about a radio link up to 'Big Ben' which seems a good idea. I have got a digital radio with a line out, all I need is a bit of advice on which station to tune in etc. and how long to leave it on for? I have been to a venue where it has been done but I cannot remember what the song played after the chimes was (i.e what version of ALS) and the song after that, or would you just fade after ALS and play your own song?
  11. Hi there. I have been to BCM, it is quite a big venue (3000+?) Anyway my advice would be to go out there and get a job in another venue. That is the best place to make contacts. If you are good then you will be noticed. It is not all about talent though, bulls*it helps as well so be confident in yourself. Not sure about BCM but I reckon most of the nights will be run by UK promoters, they will be running other stuff around Magaluf, so try and get in there.
  12. Those identical twins are a bit scary looking
  13. Why have some set ups got 2 sets of cd decks - as backup?
  14. The pay is rubbish but the perks are ok. Free drinks, celebrity status (handy with the opposite sex), sun, sea, a perma-tan (also handy with the ladies!). The workers stick together so it does feel like you are "part of it" - I would imagine being a redcoat for example is similar (poor pay with perks). It pays better than PR/flyer work. They are all on commision that's why they hustle you so much (annoying). You can supplement your income in other ways - selling CD's for example, everyone likes a souvenir. Maybe because it is wintertime and they are short of DJs, and the P
  15. Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now is the one at the beginning of all the films. Eye Of The Tiger is from Rocky III
  16. Hi Moonie, I would say mixing RnB is not compulsory, although on some tunes I normally overlap the last 8 bars or whatever, and maybe just drop/fade others in. The 1Xtra playlist is a good source of what is hot at the moment. I have found RnB nights to be less snobby than house type clubs, so playing whatever is in the top 40 won't damage your credability. Here is a few that I played last night - I would also play most of the urban stuff in the top 40 (Justin Timberlake etc.) Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up Fergie - Fergalicious Mary J Blige - MJB da MVP Nas feat Will.I.am - Hip Ho
  17. Sorry to confuse people. To clarify, Renegade, which is part of Music House along with Hyperactive, is free. Hyperactive and Power offer 'Music Power' which you have to pay for. (£60 per quarter).
  18. Paul, might be a long shot but there was a dance track called 'bits and pieces' (by artemesia) around about 10 years ago, it may have been remixed.
  19. It might not be worth the hassle. If you are doing club nights where you need a load of 'upfront' promos it is useful, but for most mobile jocks you could probably get anything you need from downloading. Suprising how many big hits would have already been released in the US or Europe. If you want to be ahead of the game then keep an eye on the release schedules, you can always get the 'next single' off the album. With Power and Hyperactive you have to pay them, and they contact you regularly to check you are 'prioritising' certain tracks (i.e putting them high in your chart), but the
  20. anything with an umbrella in it please :-) isn't citrus vodka meant to be be drank straight or with ice? (no mixer)
  21. Good question. There isn't a lot of info out there as maybe people are protective about being on lists and don't want outsiders to join their 'club'. (not on this site I might add). If you know the book 'how to dj (properly)' then there is a section in there with tips, websites, addresses etc. Applying is a lot easier these days as most mailout companies have a website and email, not like a few years ago when you would struggle to find the elusive addresses and person to write to. You say you are on one list so that is a good start. Which one? Depends what sort of music you
  22. RnB type stuff: Justin Timberlake - My Love Akon feat Eminem - Smack That Chamillionaire - Grown n Sexy or slightly older, 'Ridin' Fergie - Fergalicious Eminem Feat 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Ca$his - You Don’t Know Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got P Diddy Feat Christina Aguilera - Tell Me Snoop Dogg Feat R. Kelly - That's That
  23. Why no photos after dark? "for obvious reasons" - I don't get it?
  24. Dave80s

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    "Paradise" seems to have that effect on the girls. I did a wedding where they asked for it as the last tune and the bride and all her mates sang along on the floor....went down great.
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