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    missy elliot

    Lose Control (the one featuring Fatman Scoop) is a good track. 4 My People also (written about her experiences on ecstasy I believe?!?). Or how about 1 minute man? I will let you work out what that one is about yourself :-)
  2. If a bar in the UK was taking £0000's a night from lagered up punters 7 nights a week, they would probably all have top notch systems as well!
  3. I sell the junk that goes out of fashion. No point keeping it.
  4. you could have had "britesounds" :-)
  5. I worked in Magaluf, about 10 years ago. Those were the days! DJed at a few bars etc, the one I lasted longest at was called 'Robin Hood'. I was a bit green but I seemed to get away with it.
  6. Rouge is more of a blusher than a lipstick isn't it? :-) I'm sure there are better reasons for using a PC than being able to do a quick request. I find if you put a request on too quick you get pestered by them for the rest of the night - the punter thinks they 'control' you. I'm all for laptop Djing, I think it is a good idea.
  7. Wasn't Spacedust a rip off of Bob Sinclar's 'Gymtonic'?
  8. Dave80s


    I would say Def Leppard yes, Bryan Adams no. Here are some classic rock tunes I played at a wedding the other week. Def Leppard - Photograph Motorhead - Ace Of Spades The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary AC/DC - Back In Black Faith No More - Epic Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls and for the ladies - Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
  9. it is Boney M, I think the song is called "Sunny".
  10. Anyone 'feeling' this yet? For what it is worth I quite like it, and the video is good. Any reactions from the floor, let us know!
  11. I will admit to liking this track. And so do a load of other people who keep asking me about it, whenever I play it. Although a similar amount hate it. It is like marmite :-) Pete Tong has played it, maybe he likes it!
  12. Park as close to the stadium as poss, load your gear in through the fire door, under the main stand. Close fire door, then move gear into lift, go up - take gear out - repeat 3 times (lift is small). Lug gear to function room about 50ft away. Repeat at end of night. So a bit of a pain really.
  13. What do you all think about Robbie Williams' new track - Rudebox? Nice to see him back with a cheeky "Rock DJ" style tune.
  14. One reason for this remake was possibly the release of the excellent lys and gigi remix of 'your love' which came out in 2003. It pops up as a remix on the latest version, with the vocal over the top, retitled "You Got The Love (lys and gigi remix)"
  15. Citroen XM turbo Estate. Biggest estate I have ever owned. You can raise and lower the suspension for loading (as you can on most Citroens). Also the ride isn't altered by the load. Previously had a Volvo 850 T5 estate - bit small for a Dj rig I think. Fast though! Before that a Volvo 740 turbo (I like turbos) estate - better than the 850 space wise.
  16. I saw this played once in Germany and they even loved the 'dambusters' bit!?! Anyone play 'gang bang'?
  17. Good track. Samples Elvis Costello's 'Pump Me Up'
  18. I started Djing at University (in 1995), and I still do it now. Lots of good memories past and present. Djing to students has many advantages. Firstly it is a great 'shop window' and you get plenty of work out of it. Having your friends at every gig was fun. Girls seem to like you. Working at the Students Union is quite a safe environment, not much trouble etc. You can take a few risks, the crowd is normally quite open to new and different styles of music. They are there to have a good time, it is a good place to learn your trade and make mistakes. At our Uni the equipment is
  19. That is a good demo Steve. Sounds like the real thing. What do you think of Wish FM? I remember listening to it growing up in Billinge. Good 80s stuff if I remember. I did a bit of radio at University - harder than it looks (or should that be 'sounds'). I remember they drummmed it into you to say the name of the station as much as possible! "your listening to....etc"
  20. Sounds great! Give me a place like this over some carpet and chrome monstrosity anyday. Any venue where you have to wear shoes to get in is not my kind of place. Who says dressing up attracts a better class of punter? Reminds me of a club I used to frequent in Wigan, called 'Pemps'. Anyone heard of it?
  21. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - Deja Vu (Uptown Baby) - great song, samples 'Black Cow' by Steely Dan.
  22. Does anyone use allofmp3 ? Is the legal issue sorted out? It is cheap at roughly 5p a song.
  23. Where did you get it Gav?
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