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  1. Have you tested a pair of the ones from concorde then?
  2. how about sennheiser hd-25sp's, they are only half the price - around £60. If that is still too much, they gave them away on concorde and people used to sell them on ebay so it may be worth looking there. p.s. I don't use the jog wheel on twin CD players, too fiddly - just the + and - buttons. On standalone tabletop cd players the wheel is a lot bigger and easier to use.
  3. Fair enough. I have just bought an "On Stage" SS7730B Heavy Duty Speaker Stand on ebay, which is the correct size.
  4. Hi there, I have got a pair of Peavey Hi Sys 1 speakers and I need a pair of stands for them. Will any type of speaker stand do? The 'hole' under the speakers just looks like a metal plate - should there be an adaptor for this? Any ideas? OK, got slightly more info now. The metal bit on the speakers (called a top hat I think) is 35mm My current stands have a 25mm pole. Can you get an adaptor so that the 25mm pole fits securely into the 35mm 'top hat'?
  5. Sounds like a good compromise was reached. I have hired my kit out to people who I know - if I hired it to people I didn't know then I would do the same as Chris does, with a tamperproof seal. - easy money! Does it really cost £60 to hire a mic? or is that a radio mic? Another option - If you weren't sure then just hire someone else's kit and add a percentage for your set up/delivery time. For example a DJ shop near me hires datamoons for £10 each, speakers for £20, amps for £15 etc. When it comes to the customer the answer is yes - now what is the question?
  6. Interesting. I will have to not lose my temper! What if I dropped my record box on someone's toe by accident? Who would be liable? Highly unlikely I know but an interesting scenario.
  7. Thanks for the tips. I am going to check with the hotel to see if 1 million is enough - if so I will go with Musicguard. If more cover is required, then maybe the MU is the better option. The student's union's venues are like clubs with a fixed DJ booth, or a bar with the kit set up by them. The kit is definitely PAT tested as I have seen the little stickers on everything. I will have to check if they have PLI, I chatted so some of the other DJs and no-one seems to know! At least I will have it soon.
  8. I only do the same 3 student union venues these days and they have it. Looks like I will have to 're-new' for this one. The hotel insist.
  9. Hi, does anyone know if you can get PLI for just one night? Or if not what is the minimum length of time?
  10. Jamie Foxx feat. Ludacris - Unpredictable, is a good track
  11. Going slightly off topic..... "The result is a deluge of bedroom recorded rubbish. One hideous example is that effort by Eric Prydz - the rip off of the Steve Winwood track 'Valerie'. All tracks were recorded peaking in the red, so when overall dynamic compression had to be applied to bring things within limits, the bass beat modulated the overall volume, causing the music to 'pump' with the beat. And no, this was not deliberate, (unless it was a joke.... ) it was simply because the guy didn't fully understand what he was doing, and messed it up. How it got through in that state, I'll neve
  12. Dave80s

    Don't Stop me Now

    Brian May hates this song apparently
  13. Anyone been on this website? - www.pandora.com Great fun if you like discovering new music Warning - can be addictive!
  14. LPG has advantages and disadvantages. It is better for the environment, about 20 times less 'bad' emissions than diesel. To be fair the latest 'Euro 5' diesel technology is catching up. LPG only does about 60% of the mpg of other fuels - if you know what I mean. It is of course a hell of a lot cheaper at the moment, because of the benefits to the environment. LPG vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge (and less to tax I think). The conversions can be unreliable. If you do a lot of miles it is certainly worth considering, you can't tell the difference in driving. U
  15. Dave80s


    I saw the "singer" from K Klass trying on a dress in a shop once in Manchester, I was amazed when I saw her wearing it on top of the pops that week! K Klass were responsible for that well known remix of '2 can play that game' by Bobby Brown as well. Good tune.
  16. Latest additions to my Urban collection - R Kelly - Burn It Up Beyonce - Check On It Sean Paul - Ever Blazin Chris Brown - Run It (currently no.1 in USA) Mary J Blige - Be Without You David Banner - Play Hound Dogs - I Like Girls
  17. how about: Pharell - Angel Damian Marley - The Master Has Come Back Gwen Stefani feat Slim Thug - Luxurious Rhymefest - Brand New Rihanna - If Its Lovin That You Want Kanye West - Heard Em Say Goldie Lookin Chain - RnB!
  18. Dave80s


    Hi, does anyone use allofmp3.com to download tracks? Just wondered if it is any good. Seems very cheap! Almost too good to be true.
  19. is it a golf club in Horsham? Looks familiar
  20. Does anyone know of any "old wives" tips on how to unwind after a gig? I always find myself wide awake when I get home. Usually with the last tune of the night stuck in my head. For example do you have the radio on for the journey home? or silence? Do you have soothing music or speech etc? in the car and/or at home afterwards. Any tips gratefully received. p.s why am I always hungry when I get home?
  21. here's a dilemma that someone I know had at a recent wedding. The groom said he would sort out the 1st dance on the night as they hadn't decided. On the night the groom handed over the 1st dance tune on a CD-R, copied - and my mate is against piracy etc. - neither party had the original, so what would you do? For the record he played it! Another similar dilemma I have had myself is the father of the bride requesting a song, and handing it over on a burnt CD - would anyone refuse??
  22. your accountants fee is tax deductable as well of course!
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