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    Looking for a song

    whole of the moon?
  2. the depreciation factor wouldn't count for CD's, just claim the full amount in one go.
  3. Shy FX - Shake Your Body, 'Barcelona' (can't remember who it is by), Puretone - Addicted to Bass. Nelly - Dilemma (dnb mix of course), Kelis - Millionaire (dnb mix again) - various other rap, rnb songs have DnB mixes. DJ Zinc vs MVP - Rock Ya Body (mic check 1,2) DJ Marky/XRS - LK, 'Brown Paper Bag', (can't remember who it is by again) Just buy a DnB CD which will have all these on and more....
  4. Do you mean 'Spin Inn' in Manchester, Sparko? You may get the same 'attitude' problem in Massive Records. Some of these 'cool' record shops are a bit up their own a*$e. For that reason I buy online. Massive have an online store, and try uptown, global grooves, blackmarket, 3 beat, hard to find. They all have snippets of the track to sample. Ebay is a good place to look as well. If you live in London, HMV in Oxford St usually has all the latest stuff and no attitude. They will order it for you if they haven't got it. In fact any HMV will do this. Has anyone else come across this att
  5. most 'pre release' tracks are easy to find if you know where to look. Try 2nd hand record shops, ebay or downloading them. There are loads of promos floating about. Or just buy the album of the artist - I think you will find the latest tracks by Akon, Snoop, Nelly and Gwen Stefani's new songs are all on their latest albums. Likewise Amerie is on the 'Hitch' soundtrack. Once people start requesting it - time to get it in my opinion.
  6. Peter didn't invent the routine or ads out of thin air. We all know there are people really like that out there (not on this forum obviously!) I think it is very funny myself.
  7. The pub chain was Walkabout Pubs
  8. Dave80s

    silly requests

    all good answers. Jitterbug was for Wham! (is the exclamation mark part of the name?) Engine number 9 song was for Fatman Scoop and "Mr Farenheit" was Dont Stop Me Now
  9. Dave80s

    silly requests

    I had a request last night which I couldn't help but laugh at - the way the person described the song anyway. I won't give you the full details but see if you can guess what song they wanted. A bloke asked for "Mr Farenheit" by Queen see if you recognise these other silly ones I have been asked for recently "Jitterbug" "The Engine number 9 Song"
  10. Sample is Bobby Vinton sped up
  11. Dave80s

    Funky House??

    (slightly off topic) Brian, when you go to Miami, do you treat it as a business trip or holiday?
  12. Dave80s

    Funky House??

    Positiva Miami sampler has some good funky house tracks on it. Olav Basoski - Waterman, Black Rock - Bluewater and Poker Pets - Lovin' You. Audio Bully's track is getting release as 'Baby Shot Me Down', with Lee Cabrera mix on the flip
  13. 1200's are silver, 1210 black
  14. Volvo estate is roomy - don't get an 850 though they aren't that big. And the tonneau cover is not removable so there is a big bar in the way! (this was remedied for the V70 model) Get a 940/960/V90 - built like a tank (drives like one though) No problem with the interior, make sure it is dark upholstry though. don't spend too much though coz it will get *&@^ered eventually
  15. Dave80s

    Dance Vinyl

    can anybody tell me if there is a section for selling records/cd's etc?
  16. Dave80s

    Dance Vinyl

    depends if the records are promos, white labels etc. if they look like they were bought in HMV on general release, then dump them. The others may fetch a few quid on ebay. of the tunes I know..... Mash Up Kids - To The CLouds Above (White Label) - this is that LMC vs U2 song that got to no.1 - might be worth a few quid, coz it is the original Jakatta - American Dream - if a promo, may be worth a few quid, not rare though. Robbie Rivera Vs. Fatboy Slim - Star 69Atron (White Label) - a bootleg probably of the time and not worth a lot now. Outrage - That Piano Track/Theme From Outrage
  17. Dave80s

    Whats it called??

    there is an RnB tune called Roll Back I think - not too old
  18. there is a track sampling 'money for nothing' by Dire Straits doing the rounds as well.
  19. tip, go for TPFT rather than third party only. More insurers do it, thus more competition and lower prices. try it you will be suprised!
  20. these new decks may be as good as 1200/10's but at least you know what you are getting with technics - it's like buying a ford mondeo - loads of spares/backup, a thriving market for them new and secondhand. You know it makes sense. Look for some second hand, preferably from someone who hasn't taken them out of their bedroom. £500 should see you get a good pair, probably with a mixer thown in. the mk2 model has basically been the same for 25ish years the mk3 has a few differences: no 'dimple' on zero pitch (which locks the mk2 to zero and can be a bit annoying if you are mixing around
  21. it is an effect called side compression. What's wrong with The Streets? Commercial radio bugs me - they should be called Anastacia FM "comin' up we have the sugababes etc etc." - somebody shoot me.
  22. Down Town Manhattens (DTM) has shut down, just before xmas. OX1 is now called Que Pasa, it does cheap cocktails if you get there early. 5th Avenue is now called 'The Studio', i've not been for ages - I think it is RnB at weekends. If you like Thai, Chang Mai is excellent, just off the High St, opposite Escape bar which was mentioned previously. It ain't cheap though! Mongolian Wok Bar on George St, just down from Yates is a good laugh, you cook your own food - at least you know what you are getting!
  23. The Zodiac is ok - bit grotty. I had a quick check on the Zodiac Website (it is also on Cowley Rd not far from Tesco) On Saturday it sounds like there is a night right up your street if you are on a VJ course! See below... "Peepshow Dance + Audiovisual Treats and Beats - fortnightly clubnight with Peepshow Paddy and guest DJs & VJs till 3am" or Friday, "boogie basement" - soul funk and disco. The Bullingdon on Cowley Rd has a similar night (on Fridays I think) called Backroom Boogie - so good that the Zodiac copied it. I guess most students who frequent Cowley Rd at night a
  24. Brian, you sound like a bit of a dance music fan, I'm afraid clubwise there is not much to offer. 'The Coven' is your 'Blue Oyster' - on Friday nights anyway!
  25. You could probably break Oxford down into 3 distinct parts. Town centre - Townies and tourists (not meant derogotary - I am a towny) Jericho area (walking distance from town) - a bit more upmarket, cocktail bars and restaurants Cowley Rd (taxi/bus from town - ask the taxi driver) - students mainly with some good pubs and indian/chinese restaurants, (and polish/lebanese/japanese/moroccan too!) Dunno about the good chinese opposite tesco but that main road out of town is Cowley Rd.
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