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  1. I don't think I would pay an extra £400 over the 4000 for those features (and a few others admittedly!). OK, fair enough if you can afford it, the 9000 is an impressive machine. Although I am not too into 'being creative' much, I can see the appeal of the sampler and other toys. One annoying fault on the 9000's I use is the jog wheel is very 'loose' and you think you have got the beat lined up and it turns a fraction when you take your hand off - and you have lost it!
  2. If you were paying a 'discontinued' price it could be worth it. You could buy 2 for the price of a DN4000.
  3. I would recommend the Denon DN-1800's as well, (I have got one). Where I work we have about 6 CD players including the DN4000's which have superceeded the DN-1800F I think. If you could stretch to these then great as they play MP3's (and they display the track names on some retail CD's and of course on your burnt cd's). The Numark's we have are a little bit unreliable. The Denon 1800's have everything you need with no gimmicks, unlike the DN 9000's which have everything on them, some stuff you would never use.
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    reality TV themes

    song is Les Rhythm Digitales - Jaques Your Body (Make Me Sweat), available on the album 'Darkdancer' - released in about 2000 I think. Epic song! Man behind it is Stuart Price aka Jaques Le Cont aka Thin White Duke
  5. it has been sampled before - Umboza - Cry India in '95
  6. hart I don't know about, but Power are one of the biggest for dance music - hard list to get on, you must be working regularly and to a lot of people, and you have to send them your chart for about 6 months before you get anywhere - oh, and you have to pay them! I think it is £25 a month - you get about 100 mailouts a month though euro solution is part of music house, which combines Hyperactive, Renegade, Euro Solution and a few others. quite big. intermedia are radio promotions I think. Rush is ok, quite small, you may get on this. upshot is a bit leftfield if you like that sort
  7. I am on some of the aformentioned mailing lists. There is no real secret to getting on them, although some people may try to keep it a secret (human nature isn't it!). Interesting that you were suprised that you had to do so much to get on the lists. The point of them sending you stuff is that you play it to as many people, you tell the promo company what you think (and what your audience think), and you 'support' the track - i.e play it as much as you can and put it high in your chart. by the way, out of interest which site did you go on for that info? I would disagree with people who
  8. buy a couple of 'old skool' compilations and you will be alright. Ministry of Sound ones are OK.
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    is it for natives of Oz? or an Aussie theme night? If it is for Aussies they may find it a bit patronising, I have done a gig for an Aussie crowd (at their embassy) - they like the same as anyone else really. they do like 'Down Under' though and AC/DC and INXS of course. and some blokes asked for 'Cold Chisel' - I think they are a rock band.
  10. the effect is called 'side compression'
  11. what about Altered Images? or 50 Cent - in da club ("it's ya birthday......")
  12. thanks, very useful.
  13. Hi, I have read some posts about PAT testing and was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions? Is it a legal requirement for a mobile DJ? What qualifications do you need to do it? Approx how much (per item or per hour?) is it roughly?
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