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  1. Hi, thanks for that chaps, yeah I registered with Yell.com 2 weeks ago and this and other rubbish has come through the door, I am going to return the prepaid envelope now with a picture of my mother-in-law in her bikini on a tenerife beach, she is 18 stone and has a face like a bag of chisels and at the bottom im going to write ' If i get any more of this http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/censored2.gif through my door I shall send this round to sit on yer face' lol, seriously though im glad I aint gullable and filled it in and paid it!!, Scott
  2. Thanks Chaps, just checked out Kazzachi's games, will have a good read of that tonight,Luckily it is only for 2 hours will write myself a list of songs to play that will hopefully do more than 2 hours so that I can take my pick for the atmosphere, thanks for your advice, this is certainly a cracking website, glad to have found it http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/thumbup.gif
  3. Hi, I have been asked to do a disco for a childs party early December, I need advice on the sort of music I should play, the child is 7 years old and hopefully her guests are the same age, advice is greatly appreciated, Scott
  4. Hi all, just received a form through the door from a company called the Data Collection Services, it is basically saying that I need to register to them for a fee of £95 as I am a new business ( Mobile Disco ) and it is for the data protection act, has anybody else had to do this, many thanks, Scott
  5. Well Last night was the best one I have done yet (Only my 2nd), the dancefloor was full of young lesbians grinding against each other. Myself and my good friend stood in amazement and tried to find as many raunchy tracks as we could, Boombastic by shaggy was the best one, I came over quite peculiar but my wife sorted me out by grabbing my nuts and telling me to stop gawping http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/sterb188.gif , well I can see why I started mobile DJing now, its good for the blood lol, 1am finish and an excellent tip capped off a great night in Bedfordshire, early night tonig
  6. Off Tonight celebrating wifes birthday http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/139.gif Tomorrow: Leaving party at village pub 15 miles away for landlord and landlady, Play anything they said, EXCELLENT !!!! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/071.gif
  7. Well glad to say it all went excellent, B+G were very happy with the service, I was shaking like a sh:cense:ting dog for the first half an hour but then my concentration was calm and got to the buffet pretty damn ok, 45 minutes for the buffet and I played some background music (Free Love CD from yesterdays Daily Mail) after the buffet and cutting of the cake the B+G's first dance (Shania Twain your'e still the one) then it was a string of 50's & 60's and then a run of get up n dance tracks, 'cha cha slide' & timewarp etc, by now I was ready to get out there with em and boogie. So all w
  8. Thanks you lot, I honestly do feel better already, glad I found this site, I have been in 3 bands before and have no problem with audiences, its just a bit different relying on equipment than just your voice lol, its good to know while i am standing there on the night all you lot are most probably doing the same thing, its quite reassuring, again thanks and I will let ya all know how I get on.
  9. Thankyou Digital and High Fidelity, very grateful for the info, cant wait to get the first one out the way to break the ice, I'm quietly confident but will have to see how I am on the night lol, again many thanks
  10. Hi Everyone, well its my first paid disco im doing this sat 2/10 and its a wedding, never done a disco for a wedding before and need some advice really, whats the best tonic for nerves for a starter lol, no honestly though I really do need some advice on order of events, i.e when do i do the first dance for the happy couple and a couple of tips on what to play at the beginning and then to get it warmed up, I really am http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/1106.gif myself, thanks in advance for any replys and wish me luck.
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