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  1. moving heads now come in so many variaties, you can get the very cheapest which is the Spotknights or you can go for another very good comapny EVL Lighting, I have 2 of there Minispot 150's and 4 of there scans and also 4 of there Spins, Yes that is a big rig, but not all out on a disco rig (when I do a disco of course hehe) I would highly recomend the EVL kit, very good personal service from the support technician, really if you look at the likes of Martin, Highend and Clay Paky then you are looking into the pointless lights for a mobile show! thats where the weight and the cost comes into it
  2. You can never ever mix 3 phase with single phase as 3 phase has Red Plugs and Sockets, and will also have 5 pins also with 3 Phase you will only have 415V between 2 of the phases. single phase 'C Forms' are blue in colour and are rated at 240v another that I very much doubt you will come across is 110v Yellow connectors. Going from 32A you will ideally need to use 2.5mm2 cable, and when terminating the other end make a break out box. but if you are not experienced with Electrics, always and I mean always consult a Qualified Electrician. I did the Electrical training route in college and
  3. XPS

    DMX Guide

    QUOTE (johnnyb @ Nov 6 2003, 08:12 PM) QUOTE Do I take it then, that the difference between DMX 256 and DMX512 then is how many addresses the controller can allocate? EG: A DMX 256 controller could control about 50 x 5 channel devices, whereas a 512 controller could do twice as many 5 channel devices. Yes. So for example a masterpiece 48 can controll 48 dmx channels (say 12 4 channel lights), a masterpiece 108 can do 108 dmx channels (say 27 4 channel lights) and a masterpiece 216 can controll 216 channels. QUOTE So, when I buy a controller, If I set two lighting effects up to the same A
  4. 38 movers? thats a small job then.... try rigging a full concert with 130 odd movers, now we are talking http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif and yeah I know my stuff, after all I am a Lighting Tech, and have worked some of the most notable gigs in the past few years including Jubilee Concerts in the palace gardens, Bon Jovi in Hyde park. Robe are very good, but simply are not been spec1d on the big gigs as much as Highend, Martin and also Vari*lite and a bit of history for all you guys, Vari*lite was the first moving light company, and they invented the very first moving hea
  5. I think I may have to say yes to 1000 Glowsticks, dunno why but hey it looks fun. Gareth
  6. I am surprised that you are still getting asked this question, I thought it would be "are you still using CD's?" Gareth
  7. Highend, are one of the best manufacturers around! ok most of there equipment is aimed at the Concert and TV industry, they are still one of the best, they are if anything on a par with Martin or maybe above, the most spec'd lights in the concert and TV industry are Highend Studio Colours, Studio Beam PC's, Martin Mac500, 600, 2000, 2000 performance, and 2000 wash, also the recent Mac550. (these are the main ones I have come across. Gareth
  8. I own a Audiohead AH1400 and AH1000, I have never had any problems with these amps in the 6 or so months of owning them. However they are now up forsale as I am upgrading my full rig. Gareth
  9. I know people who have both the winners and the intimidators and I have heard that they are very good scanners for the money. I wouldn't touch the Omega 1 and 2's as I also know a few people who have had these and was continually getting faults. Gareth
  10. Hi all, The Numark and the Behringer amps are all the same manufacturer? just like most other equipment these days badged. Gareth
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