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  1. Moving heads are great effects, but there are some things that need to be considdered... A moving head effect is slower than a scanning head. Moving heads cover 360 degrees around (often more) and 270 degrees over (again sometimes more). So if you are using moving heads without a controller, most of the light effect will be in your face and not on the dancefloor. I only use moving heads when they are mounted on trussing above the dancefloor, or behind a band, as the effect they create is more dramatic than a flower effect or scanner on its own. If you are mounting your heads on a
  2. I have just got in a couple of new Carlsbro Powerline Pro Amps and decided to road test them over the weekend. The amps are very well built, with a classic design with moving needle VU meters instead of the LED types. On first use of the amp, the setting up is easy and the features on the back include a compressor, multi voltage sensetivity, Bridge modes including parrallel mono, stereo and bridge. The 1200 gives 600Wrms per channel at 4 Ohm, And the 2000 gives 1000Wrms per channel at 4Ohm. Over the weekend i used them in various set ups to see what the perfomance was like: Setup 1:
  3. The Tri-colour lasers are distributed in the UK by Spectrum. If you are interested in a laser, check there site out, and then contact me for the best price! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thumbup.gif As for blue lasers, unless you have money to burn DONT buy a blue laser. The actual laser diode for a blue laser does not last very long. The techie people at spectrum have told me that since the blue lasers arn't very stable, they can break down. So they currently only sell the red, green and combo red+green lasers.
  4. The standard for 1U case height is actually 44.5mm. But most rack cases can be anywhere between 44 and 45mm so if you are building a case, make sure you measure all that is to go in it first, as some equipment doesn't sit well with others!
  5. QUOTE If your buying stands dont buy anything else but powerdrive stands they are british made and will last you a lifetime perhaps a little more expensive than the imported ones but the quality more than makes up for the extra. And if you do need to replace anything on them spare parts are available unlike the imported ones that you would just discard and buy new. Powerdrive are ok, but heavy for what they are. Mobil Tech are french and the sp2 is a very good tripod, slightly smaller than the powerdrive, but will hold 10KG more than the powerdrive version. Anternatively, Ultimax winch stan
  6. SKB cases are FANTASTIC !!!! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/toot.gif I am now a dealer of SKB and can get any product they sell. I can highly recomend the Milatary Spec cases, as they ore indestructable!!! And they will proove it... Check the videos on there site. and the best thing about SKB??? THERE IS A MILLION MILE WARRENTY!!! If you break your case within your life... They WILL replace it! How much trust would you put in a standard laptop case? Would you throw the case in a lake? - SKB do! Would you launch a case of a roof of a building? - SKB d
  7. What make are your lights? and what do you do with them? If you are using the Abstract range, they have there own controllers which are ideal for Disco use. Alternatively American DJ make some some controllers. But if you want more control for band use, then either th Behringer DMX controller, or one of the Soundlab versions will do.
  8. If you are having problems finding any parts, nuts, bolts, anti scratch washers, captive nuts etc... Let me know as have 1000's in stock as we use them in all of our cases Special FX Or PM me for a quote on something special - Make sure you let me know that you are a member from the DJU Forum! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thumbup.gif
  9. If you are having problems finding any parts, nuts, bolts, anti scratch washers, captive nuts etc... Let me know as have 1000's in stock as we use them in all of our cases Special FX Or PM me for a quote on something special - Make sure you let me know that you are a member from the DJU Forum!
  10. FREEOLA Rocks!!!! I have used various different ISP's and site hosting services, but Freeola is the onlyone that i recommend now! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thumbup.gif I have never had any connection problems, and in the many years i have been using them, the web servers were down for 5 minutes back in 1997 which was for some essential maintenence at 4 am! For those of you looking for an ISP and free web space Freeola is the one for you ! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/thumbup.gif http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/cool.gif
  11. As a PCDJ user, OtsDJ user, and a final scratch user... and after PLASA05 a virtual dj user... I think we need to ask you a question.. What sort of DJ are you? i.e. If you want to beat mix, then PCDJ is not very goot, OtsDJ are still writting there beat mix, but Final Scratch and virtual dj enable you to mix "proper" dance music... If You are more a party/disco DJ, then PCDJ or OtsDJ would better suit, as it will mix songs for you more like a radio station than a club... I personally prefer OtsDj as the database and search facilities are far better than the PCDj software. Plus you c
  12. The VMX is a high mic output, but the behringer warrenty repair company told me that is normal! try convincing a dj that ! The 2 latest DEQ's both "trip out" One will sit for about 5 minutes, then start clicking the relay, the other takes a few moments to turn on and "boot"... then may/maynot decide to trip... Both are very tempremental. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/014.gif
  13. Search engines will only follow your links if you tell them to in the meta tags.
  14. I have started this poll as i have had various Behringer kit come in and out of my workshop. Today i have just opened 2 (out of 10) new DEQ2496 DSP's and they are both faulty. I was wondering if any one else had any problems with behringer kit and and what with? Also let us know if your opinion of behringer is higher or lower that when you first had one of there products. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/drama2.gif
  15. QUOTE The reason is quite simple, as you move around, you make static electricity. When you are charged up, and approach a component/system you will discharge not on contact, but gradually as you get nearer to said component This however is not strictly true. Static electricity is only produced by man made fibres - nylon, lycra etc. and treated wool for example. Rubber shoes on a nylon carpet as well! By touching the metal of a computer case, will only change you level of Static electricty to that of the computer - which is why the pc should be grounded- plugged in. If the pc is not plu
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