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  1. hi i dj at center parcs at longleat forest! Whats it like at elevdon?
  2. Recently purchased my hard earned dj cash on 2 celestion sr1 speakers coupled with celestion substation 18 bins......wow Ive always been a believer of big speakers equals big sound which equals bad back when setting up or down! But these little celestions are very impressive and run rings round my old jamo pro400ex's. I played to a crowd of 300 ish 18yr olds last week in a large function room and they performend very well indeed. Im using 2 x 1500 watt amps on the whole setup and ive finally got the rig right so if your thinking of buying small powerfull speakers then these are the
  3. Well i tried a terminator which you plug in, i got mine from terralec, and no joy! I think its bad leads. I did a gig friday night and had a new problem! The end light didnt play up this time but the first light (master) kept switching off thus causing the rest of the lights to do there own thing.....so i pulled the plug and switched back on and it was fine for another hour then the same thing happened! i might just buy some abstract ones as they are probebly more reliable! cheers for your help guys much appreciated
  4. hi just wondered if anybody has had this problem, when running 4 x acme winners somtimes number 4`s mirror will swivel round and be in its own little world to the rest of the ligths but still mirrors the others movements and colours etc This does not always happen but im thinking bad leads? or stepper motor on the mirror is on its way out? any help would be great thanks, leon
  5. Ive ran a DAP Audio Mission 1500 amp for about 4 years now and has never let me down. It has the highest wattage output into 8ohms of any 1500 watt amp ive seen. I think its outputting 560watt rms per channel at 8ohms which is great and the quality is good too.
  6. hi all, just wonderd if anybody runs Celestion sr1 speakers in there setup? Ive just bought a pair and yet to run them. couple of questions..will they be adequate enough to suit most functions? (and i will be running them with a pair of celestion substation 18 bins) also i do not have the controller (src4) but i do have a behringer 2x31 band graphic, so will i be able to achieve the right output from that? thanks
  7. hi, wonder if anybody has or have had these lights and wanted to know if they were any good! thanks
  8. i found with the 30o hour elc's they appear dimmer then the short life versions! is this right or have i got a dodgey batch?
  9. Try a set of Martin Robocolors they do 4 versions, latest i think is the Pro400. very effective light affect, i bought a pair of Robocolour 3's but didnt buy the martin controller which you need for them to work!
  10. Ive been running a DAP AUDIO MISSION 1500 for about 2 years and its never let me down, it runs at 750 watt rms x2 and sounds ace. IM running 2x Celestion Sub-Station 18's which are 500 watts rms each and have built in cross overs which feed 2x Jamo Pro400ex full range 400 watts rms cabs. And thats all off one amp which cost me about £450
  11. On media player if you select the burn page from the tabs at the top of the screen or if an older version they are on the left hand side, then you will have two seperate windows. You can then select the tracks you want to back up into the left hand screen. Following this on the right hand screen at the top you will see something like "CD Drive (d:) audio cd", if you click it you will get a list of burn formats, you need to select "Data CD" which will burn in mp3 format thus giving you about 70 tracks per cd. Its probebly better to burn them in mpe onto a dvd which will hold about 4GB
  12. Ive spent pounds on cheap amps like stageline and it just dont pay, they quote stupid wattage and usually if it is in rms it will be bridged at 2 ohms which is an unlikely setup. Make sure you get the 8ohm rms wattage as you will be running two speakers. Good "cheap" amps are warrior, i installed a 600 watt one at a bar/disco a year go and runs 4 celestion sr1 speakers fine every nite! it was £300 i think. Or try Dap Audio mission range, also good value hope that helps
  13. Porting the boxes will make the driver move more thus producing more base. My advice would be to go the rcl website to see what there specifications are for an appropiate enclosure or measure The size and length of the port determins how much the driver moves and either gives you a thumpy base or more of a drone if set wrong. I made a set of base bins based on a bose design but i tried differant port sizes and lengths and they sound great untill i blown a driver and decided to buy some substations!
  14. hi, i thinking of buying a pair of martin robo colour 3`s. Now does anyone have them and are they worth the hard earnt cash? Thanks
  15. Neon Leon! Have'nt heard that one before! Yeah pick away, more than happy to assist. I work at Longleat Forest in wiltshire and yes the entertainment is pretty limited there!
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