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  1. Hey guys. I'm looking for a new lighting stand solution. i have 3 T bars and did have a goalpost stand with the T bars on each end, however, I was setting up for a wedding a few weeks back and the goalpost stand complete with my lighting rig came forward and onto the floor with me underneath...... one of my iMove200s took the brunt of it all. I also have a deck stand with lighting bar across the top, but don't feel it is sturdy enough. Can anyone suggest a good wind up strong lighting gantry/goalpost type thing. i have a star cloth etc. which i used to hang on it too. Cheers gu
  2. I had forgotten this one too. Good call Tommo55
  3. That is actually the song usually end this place with, either that or so excited by pointer sisters.
  4. Lol I know. I'm quite looking forward to this one.
  5. Cheers flash, It wouldn't have been on my mind but i've just listened to it and it sounds like it might work... It doesn't strike me as leaving the party bouncing, do people really react well to it? P.S. I will probably use it. :-)
  6. Hi guys, i hope all are well. I flit on and off from here, mainly because I'm normally all over the place but I still enjoy catching up and seeing how you all are. I do hope to get time coming into winter to contribute a little more.... Anyhow. i've been asked to do an End of season party at a campsite, now i do a quite a bit of work throughout the summer with this place so i know the locals and they know me and most of my sets..... so this is where i need inspiration. I need a few songs you guys like to throw into your sets from time to time that are usually well received. with i
  7. Robster mate, I have a fortnightly gig on a caravan park. Almost a Butlins kind of affair - I get £120 and start at about 9:30/10:00. They gave me a shot when others wouldn't. I play to about 1:00am and some nights want to keep going regardless of the cash. I have a caravan onsite and it's my holiday place so I know a lot of the locals and have done for many years, but sometimes, when I'm sitting having a beer on a Saturday with friends the last thing I want to do is DJ that night to them. And as it's a caravan park, you get the campers who come from the roughest parts of the country.
  8. Horse it into ya - will defo. get the reaction you want. It's on iTunes
  9. Thanks Minty Dave, I have enough equipment to go for it and do it well, I just got a little spooked by my competitors site - feedback etc. I have 2 weddings booked and a residency on a caravan park when I go home. I also got another enquiry from a couple who had been at a previous wedding I didnt last year. I guess being away from home has really made me think about what I have sitting in the garage not being used... It's always been a hobby and I have all the gear apart from a nice set of bass bins.... I'd like to get a good website with dj event planner installed etc. Do some
  10. Ive been djing for a number of years, however only now and then/part time when I've been asked by friends or family. I left my employment last year to go travelling for a year and I'm currently in Adelaid, South Australia. As I won't have a job when I return I was hoping to put my skills to the test and take things to the next level......thats when it hit me........ Ive been doing some searching online for entertainment in my area and I didn't realise I was up against it.... I guess my question is, is it worth the effort to go up against the competition or should I just accept
  11. Just saw this and thought I'd share it with you - could be useful for something MagicDMX Basic interface
  12. Ray I take where you are coming from......I just think I get better deals online - any suppliers you could suggest?
  13. I've been working on my lighting rig for a while now, I find two of the best lights I have are ACME Magic Gobos and then with 2 iColor4s I can fill the room, and change the bulb to suit what power suplply I have. Nice neat and simple :-) I'm looking at getting a usb dmx controller - can anyone advise how easy the software is to use etc. I have a few moving heads etc. I would like to control.
  14. That's a good point sweety..... He should come back and tell us what he got/thinks of what he got.
  15. Does anybody know a good supplier of branded stuff? Not paying through the nose for it. I have a local disco centre but he's stupidly expensive in comparison to what I can get online and doesn't work with me on bulk buys. I see maplin have started a range of KAM Lasers and I've also been looking at Thomman. I really want a simple but effective dmx laser show consisting of say two lights that do that whole wide beam paning motion through smoke. Any suggestions?
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