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  1. Thanks for your comments guys. Take it easy Paul.
  2. It was BRILL As we waited for my mates mum to arrive, I just played a selection from the charts, as she came in turned it up and played Happy Birthday, after that, just some more chart music and a couple of 50's until the food. At the food time, just put a Boyzone CD on and left it on low while we all stuffed our faces and chatted, after that, my friends said a few words and it was off with some 70's stuff, and 60's, few cheesy 80's. Being a Liverpool fan, I declined the request of playing Walk on, and finished with a good kicking of the Birthday girl with New York, New York.
  3. Well, the time is now, havnt done a disco since last Feb (07) Here goes......
  4. Supose your right, I keep forgetting Im 40 next month, still think Im 20 still. :damn:
  5. Not been around for a while, as I have been more busy with work and house extension, but, Just been informed of a gig I have to do, Yep thats right, not asked, just told!!! There is going to be some great totty there and cant wait. Its for my mates mother who is 70 :scared: Should be a really good night on Friday.
  6. Nice one, Down to motor world tomorrow.
  7. Hi Guys. I need some help here, this might be the strangest request here, but here goes. I am trying to find somebody I was sat next to on a flight from Stansted to Italy on Sunday 15th July 2007 on the Ryanair 07:10 Flight. It was a girl, and here name is Michelle. I would guess mid to late 20's, and she has been travelling in Australia a few years back. She teaches English to pre-school itallian children. All I know is she came home for her friends wedding at the weekend, and she has been in her job for three years, and she is from the Southend part of England.
  8. The Crystal Chandelier went down OK, then teh person who boked me wanted Lucile for the Birthday boy, They al sat down again. A few did get up to Tiger Feet. and Relax?????
  9. Just got home from what has to be the worst gig I have done, maybe the worst gig on here???? 70th Birthday party. Like Dawn of the Dead!!!! Didnt matter what went on, no reasction at all. Oh well, just havein a drink now and winding down. Hope all yours went better than mine.
  10. Where do you find these hard drive controllers?
  11. Ive got a 40th Wedding anny on Saturday night, Its the In-laws though
  12. swanside

    Girls Aloud

    I cringed when I heard this
  13. Well this weekend was better. Got a pass from the wife to attend my work mates stag night in Amsterdam. Great couple of nights, good food and loads of beer. Going to bed now, as I am knackered. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/sleep1.gif
  14. Wow after reading all the replys, I think it will be easier to predict Saturdays Lottery numbers than the type of music that pleases everybody. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/bash.gif
  15. QUOTE (BigBen @ May 1 2006, 08:12 AM) Your admin seems to be a bit suspect here Swanny - you didn't know there was a surprise 40th, you didn't know the finish time and you didn't know what to play. Two of these things should have been down on paper well before the gig, or at least confirmed in the week leading up to the gig with a telephone call. As for music to play I always, where possible, walk amongst the audience with a pen and paper taking personal requests. This works on so many levels that I don't know why everyone doesn't do it...you break down any barriers between audience and D
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