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  1. shifty

    The Music Game

    Paperplane Status Quo
  2. shifty

    The Music Game

    Rock me gently-Andy Kim
  3. I have never posted any pictures from my gigs but would like to do so. How do I do this :wall:
  4. Hi firstly check the cross over board to see if the bulb has blown as this protects the horn. If the horn is blown you can get a replacment diaphram from most music stores. Hope this is of help
  5. Hi. Where abouts in the south west?
  6. Only just got out of hospital today after having my little toe amputated. Tryed to get cover for a wedding tommorow but unable to, stool and loads of morphine. Show must go on.
  7. I use 6 adj vizzi spots and find them to be a bit brighter than my piolet 150 discharge moving heads. I also use adj mega panels and mega bars which gives me plenty of colour to wash most venues.
  8. shifty

    The Music Game

    Eyes without a face Billy Idol
  9. shifty

    The Music Game

    FOX on tthe run The Sweet
  10. shifty

    The Music Game

    MORE More more Andrea true conection
  11. shifty

    The Music Game

    Day we caught the train Ocean Colour Scene
  12. shifty

    The Music Game

    I don't like MONDAYS Boomtown Rats
  13. shifty

    The Music Game

    Atlantic OCEAN Waterfall
  14. shifty

    The Music Game

    Earth Song M Jackson
  15. shifty

    The Music Game

    Justin Hayward and John Lodge Blue guitar
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