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  1. If it's just adding a bit of popular reggae to you record box then get a Bob Marley and UB40 Greatest Hits and any one of the hundreds of 'Best Of Reggae' type collections. If you want to go any deeper than that then you are heading more towards specialist tunes (great if have the right audience). I can give you a list of what I usually play but they wouldn't work for most 'average' functions (and I'm by no means a specialist). In the meantime I'll post a few of the popular songs for you in a minute...
  2. Basically it's a backhander! I don't like the practice at all, if another DJ offers them more of a cut they're likely to drop you in favour of them. And I wonder if it goes through the books or straight into a back pocket - does anyone who has to do this get a receipt? If they hold you in such high regard they should be aware it's good for their business to have a quality DJ to recommend without the need for any fee to change hands. But in the real world unfortunately it's something we have to consider playing along with or lose bookings! I'd have more respect if they said it
  3. For sale is a pair of RCF ART310A powered speakers. Good condition - a few minor scuffs - grills are fine, no dents. About 3 years old but not heavily gigged and mainly used as tops with bass speakers apart from a few kids parties and very small easy listening type gigs. Always been 100% reliable, and sound as good now as when I first bought them. £475 for the pair. Also have a pair of small powered bass speakers for sale - DB Technology Sub12's - same age and condition as the ART310's. £400 for the pair. Would be open to offers if all bought together.
  4. You need to get a playlist from them to point you in the right direction, at that age they can be really genre specific in their tastes, it's too much of a risk to turn up without knowing beforehand. I recently did a 16th that was all Greenday, My Chemical Romance etc. Could just as easily be Dubstep etc though. If they're not too fussy about their music you'll probably be OK with the last few NOW collections and whatever's in the charts at the time. A bit of classic cheese works well sometimes with the younger crowd.
  5. I heard someone do a blinding acoustic Johhny B Goode once - they did it as a slower country blues.
  6. Personally I think a good classic blues belter like Mannish Boy would be a great start to a set - and done with a bit of attitude you wouldn't have to worry about what the previous act finished with! The Who's - Squeeze box also springs to mind. Fleetwood Mac (well their cover of) - Need Your Love So Bad for a slower blues. Stevie Wonder - Superstition Blind Melon - No Rain I'll ponder on some more....
  7. As people have said, you'll soon find you have to expand your music collection to cover all genres if you go mobile. Even for those gigs where the people booking you say 'we only want rock' - as their guests will probably want a mixture (so easy to get caught up in your clients personal tastes and forget the other 120 people coming). But it's not such an overwhelming task to get enough 'other music' to suit most occasions. To start off, make a list of popular genres - Easy listening, Rock'n'Roll, Motown, 70's Disco, 80's, Party Classic etc etc. For each genre you'll find there's p
  8. Hello and welcome, nice intro, might have to pick your brains for some Northern Soul tunes. I spent an awful night in Fresno once, dodgy motel and creepy characters everywhere. We only stopped on the way to somewhere else and couldn't get out quick enough in the morning!
  9. Just fade it out after the second verse.... Roxanne - The Police, I'm 100% sure on that one!
  10. Lady In Red - that's obviously not. But Street Life (if you mean Randy Crawford rather than Roxy Music) I always thought was, and also about homelessness and drugs. Have I got that totally wrong? There's always love for sale A grown up fairy tale Prince charming always smiles Behind a silver spoon And if you keep it young Your song is always sung Your love will pay your way beneath the silver moon
  11. And the classic: Freda Payne - Band Of Gold
  12. On GoodParty I've noticed the leads are gradually getting further and further outside the areas I put down I'm interested in, obviously it means they have more 'leads' to send out - but the majority are useless to me to. Only bothered following up one enquiry in the last 6 months - though always have a browse through, there's some real gems on there!
  13. Apologies for my outburst earlier. As has quite correctly been pointed out this is not a forum for arguments or sounding off about other members and I shouldn't have put the Moderators in a position where this had to be said .
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