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  1. robbiedj

    The Music Game

    Move Closer - Phyllis Nelson
  2. Go with the flow. Sometimes you want the whole track, sometimes not. It entirely depends on audience reaction. I have 12" versions of several tracks but only play what I feel will work on the night.
  3. robbiedj

    The Music Game

    Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler
  4. Dan, I fully agree with you about members of our profession who tend to misrepresent themselves. An association of which I am a member recently had a complaint from a customer, which was investigated and dealt with immediately. However, saying this, two wrongs do not make a right! I also agree with your opinion of venues experience with various DJs and I think it is a good thing that they should and can recommend a reliable service for their customers. But this should not be forced upon the customers with a penalty clause should they want their own DJ and music. Having actually spoke
  5. Don't say that so loud, Carol will hear! :fright: That's her dream, too, with a side serving of Nashville and New Orleans. All that great music and "soul food".
  6. Some time ago, I did work for an agency. I had a pub booking which I was told was 6-11pm. I thought it a bit long for pub work but each to their own and they paid extra. On arriving, I discovered that the first 2 hours were for children and they expected us to entertain them and play musical games. The customer "forgot" to mention this on booking. I don't do (well, HATE) kids parties. :wall: :wall:
  7. I have a whole pargraph:- I feel they need to know why I don't like them and what it may cause.
  8. Oh, the joys of summer. Nothing like being in the middle of a field in the rain, is there? And, if in a tent, the wonderful mad dash to the toilet area through good british mud. Then the drying out at home. Brings back wonderful memories! :Thumbup: You really haven't lived without the experience.
  9. You learnt a valuable lesson: Never Trust ANYBODY ELSE todo things properly. Always check for yourself. "Yes, that power socket is fine." Not until my tester says it is!
  10. To be fair to them, it is on their website and mentions a clause in the contract. http://www.canalmuseum.org.uk/venue/noise-policy.htm
  11. robbiedj


    I recently did a 60th birthday where two younger folk came up and requestedsome 80's dancehall reggae. I played a couple of the usual suspects, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Sugar Minott then put on Audrey Hall -One Dance Won't Do. They were already dancing, but that track went ballistic and a few came over to ask what it was. They were all 20 somethings and just loved the genre.
  12. Personally, although I dislike them, I have NEVER tripped a limiter with my music. :saint: However, the audience singing, stamping, clapping has a few times. :ads:
  13. Haven't we all!! Classic is "Oh, my god, no sound!" Frantic check of all connections/ cables/ power points ............ only to realise the amp is not switched on! :wall: But, oh, that feeling in the stomach before you spot it. :fright:
  14. Don't hang them too high or get rid of your music. Funny, but I know a lot of DJs who retired, some 3 or 4 times.
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