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    I love music so, as a frustrated musician (well, drummer), I took up dj'ing as a way of expressing myself musically.<br /><br />What a crock, eh?<br /><br />It makes me money which I invest in my seriously expensive film-making hobby!
  1. Hi Bri. With kids...absolutely anything! They are enjoying themselves playing games with friends and there's loud music blasting out. They're in heaven and couldn't care less what song is playing. I use kids games as an opportunity to play stuff that you might never normally play at a disco but people would enjoy to hear, nonetheless. Examples include 70's stuff like Osmunds (Crazy Horses), 80's stuff like Adam Ant (Goody Two Shoes), 90's stuff like Blur (Boys and Girls), etc. Anything that keeps the adults interest high was good enough for me. Keep the tempo up for the kids, to
  2. Hi Ben. It may have been a while since I last DJ'd but I do have two kids aged 11 and 12 so I know what they like to listen to. Interestingly, they both enjoy different genre's - the boy is a fan of more urban music, including rap whilst the girl prefers dance. So even in my own household I can't please two people with one track - that's 50% of my audience unhappy every time I put something on! My first bit of advice is to use the Now albums. They carry a lot of the popular tracks, as well as a ton of dross, but the real benefit for me is that they are radio edits so no swearing,
  3. Having sold the majority of my stuff before Christmas I still have a few bits left. These will end up on eBay if you guys don't make me any offers before then. 1 x Denon DN-D4500 Professional Dual CD/MP3 Player Top of the range unit, as good as new. It has only been used a couple of times and never been out of the flight case since purchase. £300. Supplied in original box with original literature. 1 x Denon DN-X900 Professional Mobile/Club Mixer This was purchased at the same time as the decks above. This, too, is top of the range and has only been used a couple of t
  4. Just a quickie...got a pack of 6 Becks beers from Tesco last week; I only got that pack because it was cheap - £4. Each bottle has a voucher code that gives you 99p off at Play.com. No restrictions, no Becks portal, just enter the voucher code at the normal Play.com checkout. Bargain!
  5. Hi guys. Well, I've talked about selling my gear before and, like most of you, find parting to be so very hard. It's like giving up a little piece of yourself I guess - it's the one thing that makes us so very different from everyone else. But the time has come where it is getting silly - I made the decision to quit over a year ago but have only sold my Martin EFX since. Seeing as we have decided to buy a house down here, in sunny Bournemouth, I need to raise as much cash for a deposit as possible. Therefore, all my gear has to go - even though it hurts! Bose Speakers 2 x L1 Model I
  6. I'm a big, big fan of The Pistols. I was only seven or eight when they were making headlines so I didn't get into them until I was at college in the mid-80's. They made some great tracks and Never Mind the Bo:cense:ocks is one of my all-time favourite albums. I never liked McLaren though. He came across as a right [insert expletive]. That said, he is responsible for the British punk scene so I guess I have to appreciate what he brought to the world. For those that aren't aware - The Pistols were a manufactured band just like Steps, Take That and the Spice Girls. Malcolm was a ma
  7. I just don't know where the time goes anymore. I used to be on here all the time and now I'm finding it difficult to make one post a week! I will start to go through my stuff in earnest next week. I'll get it on here first but, obviously, I want to maximise my return so it will all probably end up on eBay shortly after. I have already placed an item on eBay today - a Martin EFX600 150w discharge DMX light. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to it from here or not...?
  8. Some nice comments there; thanks guys...especially Tommo! You can stroke my ego any time you like! As for you Nik...you haven't changed a bit!! Whilst sifting through my many boxes and flight-cases I came across my old snare drum. It's a Rogers Dyna-Sonic from the 60's. No idea where I got it from but I must have had it 25 years. I'm off to get it valued now...might be worth in excess of £200! From around the same era - the 80's - I've found all my old vinyl. What have you guys done with your vinyl? I mean, we never play it so it just sits in a box collecting dust and warp
  9. Hi guys! Remember me? I hope you're all doing great! Well, it's been a while - May 30th last year since my last post (number 2,207)!! At the time, everything was going great - I'd left full-time employment to pursue a career as a self-employed DJ, purchased loads of top-quality gear and spent the best part of four months transferring my entire CD collection to Ots. I'd got gigs lined up and the show was as near as dammit to perfection. I was working on the marketing before the big 'launch' when I lost someone very close to me. It hit me hard and made me very thankful for what I
  10. BigBen

    A Song I Heard....

    It definitely wasn't a Motown track! I was on the way to the airport for a week in The Maldives which is why I wasn't paying too much attention! It was in April and I don't know what station...I channel hop through stations looking for anything to listen to. If I was pushed I might guess at Simon Bates. He's on Classic FM isn't he?
  11. Heard a song on the radio a few weeks ago but didn't hear what it was called. I think it was either a classical or an orchestral piece. I thought I heard the DJ call it "Mosaic de Labour" or something like that - Masac de Labor, etc. Anyone help? It's not often I hear a song like this that appeals. Cheers guys.
  12. I have no idea who you are referring to... ...but, recently, I have seen some awful drivel on a TV talent show, too. One act in particular was so bad I think he was only there in order for us to laugh at him, but he thought we were laughing with him.
  13. Oh, Everton. Of course. :protest: :fan: :fish: :hide:
  14. Hey up Ste., enjoy the football tonight? I did a quick search on OtsUsers and came up with this thread. Basically, to batch convert Ots files back to MP3 you need to use Ots Studio: Import all the Ots files (File - Import - "Ots/Wave/MPEG File(s)" Add all your Ots files Click the Import button. When done: File - Export - As MP3 Files. I've no tested this so don't quote me!
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