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    As I have admitted before, I own both Bros albums. Actually, I must be the only person who owns both Bros albums AND both Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion albums! I do like Bros's hit songs though, they're dancey plus they have some quite 'heavy/loud' drums on them. As a drummer first and a bit of a dancer second, I heartily approve :Thumbup:
  2. We'd never need to go out with six flight cases of CD's again....we could just go out with a single disc, to put in our single disc player! Obviously you'd need back-up - a second disk and a second disk player. If only somebody could set to work on something the size and weight of a ruler but it actually contains a 16 light full DMX show with moving heads and lasers.
  3. Manufactured bands are not an invention of the noughties or even the nineties. They have been around for years...even the Sex Pistols were manufactured. Malcolm McLaren put them together in order to make him money. His slogan was Cash from Chaos.
  4. 75MB is a H-U-G-E amount of disk space for four or five pages. All your photo's should be web optimised (72dpi, 70-80% JPEG compression) so even a big image (eg. 800x600) should only be 100-200kb. You'll probably use less than 10MB in total unless you introduce video downloads, although most people tend to stream using Vimeo, YouTube, Vyoo.eu or blip.tv. An excellent, and tiny, program to adjust image size is Irfanview. I've been using it for years installing it on every computer I configure. It isn't a competitor to PhotoShop or the like, it's just for simple and quick adjustments to
  5. We noticed that from your avatar, Norfolk! I have often wished I'd got a headset when I need to use both hands for something - killing the lights whilst pressing CD start for example. Trouble is, when I've seen a DJ wearing one I always feel they don't look quite right - a bit like a CIA agent or a Maitre D! I'd be very keen to try one out a couple of times...maybe somebody will recommend one in this thread..?
  6. Both of those are absolutely perfect - thanks guys. I'll know most people at my sons awards so I can defo go with all the mickey taking tunes. If they do down well, which I am sure they will, then I'll probably end up carrying them through to the footy do where I won't know too many people, but at least they'll be adults...don't know if that helps or hinders! Some ideas I had include: Sensible Tracks Some big classical tunes - 1812 Overture, Ride of the Valkyries, Sabre Dance, Pomp & Circumstance, Bolero, etc. Some big war tunes - Colonel Bogey, 633 Squadron, Dam Busters,
  7. Got a couple of presentation nights coming up. Nothing too heavy, one is for my 16 year old's rugby team and the other is for a mate's adult football team. I can afford to have a laugh, let my hair down and try something a bit different. Can you guys come up with any suggestions for something fun to do on the night? Musically or otherwise? What about songs to play when introducing the award winners? I have a big list already but I don't want to miss something tried and tested...and funny! Muchas Gracias (I'm trying to educate you guys)
  8. Best Eurovision, overall, for quite a few years. A lot of lovely ladies, too!! Norton wasn't too bad, quite restrained, I imagine he'll come into his own after a couple of years - you know, really bitchy. I took quite a shine to Azerbaijain, no idea why
  9. Great track! Quite a risque little subject to be singing about. If you get the chance to hear Suggs being interviewed about this track it's wonderful how he can talk about something without ever actually referring to it. Everyone in the studio giggles like school kids, too!
  10. Nice one Minty. I have a couple of MiracLED's and LEDJ Par 64's too. I don't like the InvincibLED's either!
  11. Laptops are never cheap to fix so that price doesn't surprise me. I am not sure, however, if there is a better way to fix it. What I would say is that the £250 could be put towards a brand new lappie or even a second hand (eBay) one. It won't help you too much here but, for future reference, I tend to stick to one make and model and buy two or three second hand. If one breaks beyond economical repair then it can be used for spares. Best of luck to you and kudos for being honest. Don't think I would have come on here and owned up to doing that! :thumbsup:
  12. Both of these comments are subjective - the way you word them makes it sound like more lights is better..? I take issue with that and I presume the client you refer to as well as the room full of potential clients could, too. Some of my best gigs have taken place in the darkest of venues. As a dancer, I prefer the dance floor to be filled with a few flashing lights and no more. As a guest sitting at a table I don't want any lights in my eyes. As a horny teenager (which I used to be 20+ years ago!!) I prefer the room as dark as possible. That is the ethos on how I have set-up my light
  13. I've never been into lightshows - don't get me wrong I'd love to have a full discotheque rig - but I just got completely cheesed off setting up four or five non-dmx'd lights. Eventually, all I took out was a Brokenswing and two Soundlab moonflowers - which I only used for the slowies. No smoke, no UV, no controller, no laser, no strobe and never, ever any lightscreens! I used to get repeat bookings, I used to do 'big' weddings (200 people) and I never had anyone complain or moan not even when I did prom nights. For occassional events I really don't think anyone cares that much. I thin
  14. Always enjoy Eurovision night. It is a chance for a house party and for everyone to offer their opinion on each entrant as well as the voting! It hasn't been the same for a few years now, a lot of the fun has gone, but it is still watchable. No idea who's in it, so no idea who'll win it. Let's have a guess at Greece. The English entry will finish 12th (yeh, right!) On the DJing side, I always play some Euro tracks if I'm working - Bucks Fizz, Abba, Johnny Logan ( :joe: )
  15. If somebody wants to pay me $2500 for 1st Class Disco...it's yours! Seriously, I do actually own a couple of domains that I believe are worth a few quid. I've never looked into selling them though.
  16. Guess before clicking, it's in US dollars: icudj.com
  17. Same as above really. Two PC tool boxes, complete set of Philips and flat head, pliers, tape, more cables than Woodstock, screws, nuts, bolts, fuses, bulbs but never, ever under any circumstance would I take a soldering iron! Far too dangerous in my unqualified sausage fingers!
  18. Whilst not a huge fan I do think that Freddie was a one-off. He is as good as irreplaceable in my opinion. George can do the lyrics - his vocals at the Wembley tribute were amazing - but his stage presence and showmanship are non-existent in comparison. Think of someone with amazing stage presence - like Robbie - and you immediately think conceited big head. Freddie never came across as a big head or conceited. That's what made him so amazing.
  19. Totally brilliant. How easy would that night be to DJ at? Wish they were all like that!
  20. Haven't made it...we had a traumatic evening at the swimming baths which resulted in two children crying. Kids...
  21. So...how did it go? I think you mean 17th May Paul! Would love to go but it's just too far. Sounds like a cracking evening, have fun.
  22. I realise this is short notice but I've only just been made aware of tonight's event. A ZZ Top tribute band will be putting the different Bose systems through their paces at Absolute Music Solutions in Poole. I hope to be going so if you fancy meeting up let me know! Linky
  23. I hate their CD site where you need to login using a customer number before you could even review a CD's track list.
  24. You can't say that and not tell us what the error is! I'm desperate to know!!
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